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Our access solutions serve as modern keys for the doors of your parking garage. Only the people who have a vehicle parked in your garage are granted access. This ensures even better protection against vandalism and unauthorized entry.
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Superior door reader

The security of a garage is perhaps the most important thing both for your customers and for you as the garage operator. With our door reader, your garage is perfectly protected against vandalism and unauthorized entry.

Arivo Door Opener, Door Reader, access solution - Arivo smart parking

Increased Security

Only your customers and people authorized by you can unlock the door.

Easy installation - Arivo digital parking systems

easy installation

Assembled and ready for use in no time. No more than a few screws and a power connection are required.

Arivo Door Opener, Door Reader, access solution - Arivo smart parking

Back-up access options

Back-up access options

In case the customer doesn’t have an NFC-card or the QR code on them, the door can still be opened via the emergency call button.

General overview

Easy to use

The same credit or debit card your customer used to enter the garage now serves as an access card for the door. Long-term parkers receive their own QR code. The only thing the customer has to do to open the door is to simply hold the appropriate medium under the reader.

No customer, no access

By using personalized QR codes or credit/ ATM cards, only people whose vehicles are in the garage are allowed access. Thus your garage, as well as the vehicles of your customers are optimally protected against vandalism.

Arivo door reader

For more security in your garages! Security in garages is an important aspect for the optimal customer experience. And this is exactly why we developed a solution in the form of a door reader. Your customers can park their vehicles and pursue their activities without worries.

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faster than conventional solutions

Hardwareless door opener

Are you a fan of minimalist yet modern and elegant solutions? Then our door opener is perfect for you! As simple and unadorned as it is, it still offers full security.

Arivo Door Opener, Door Reader, access solution - Arivo smart parking


Only your customers and people authorized by you can unlock the door.

Arivo license plate recognition accounting - Arivo Smart Parking Management

cost effective

Low acquisition costs with full security.

Arivo Door Opener, access solution - Arivo smart parking

No hardware

The door opener does not require any hardware at all. This makes installation costs and defective components a thing of the past.

General Overview

Simple & secure

The door opener gives your customers access to the garage. The entry is possible at any time by simply scanning the QR code or by holding an NFC-compatible mobile phone in front of the reader. The license plate number has to be entered only once, as the door opens automatically each next time.

Arivo door opener

The minimalist solution to guarantee security in your garages!
The doors remain closed for unauthorized people, thus protecting your garage and the parked vehicles.

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Arivo access solutions in action!

Garage operators

Give your parkers the highest sense of security to possibly attract them as regular customers. With the “full package” of digital services, everything from the entrance via LPR to the opening of the doors with our access solutions becomes simple, fast, smooth and above all, absolutely secure.


Do you want to provide your employees and even your suppliers with comfortable access without having to purchase and install complicated and expensive systems? Then our access solutions are exactly what you are looking for. Whether door opener or door reader, these innovative solutions will certainly impress your customers.

Hotel operators

The first impression counts. That is why you should give your hotel guests a “royal” welcome! With license plate recognition, they can easily enter your garage and with the door reader or door opener in use, you can be sure that their property is protected to the maximum.
Furthermore, you save the need to hand over physical media, which makes the whole check-in process much easier.

The most important at a glance

Door readers and door openers have the same goal, but differ slightly in their application.
We have broken down the most important differences to help you find your perfect solution.

Product comparison Door reader Door opener
• Access for customers only
• Hardware needed
• Entry granted by holding an NFC-card in front of the reader
• Entry granted by holding a QR code in front of the reader
• Entry granted by scanning a QR code
• Entry via NFC-enabled Smartphone
• Back-up access options

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