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Innovation and Flexibility for different Tariff Groups

420 parking spaces are available at the two sites in Geislingen and Plettenberg for long-term parkers, night parkers and employees. Particularly challenging in this project is the fact that all groups are divided into different tariff systems. Thanks to Arivo, the time-consuming, manual administration is now history.

The project we were allowed to implement with Parken & Management is also an absolute showcase project. We installed our Parking Management Solution in combination with Arivo Free Flow at two locations with a total of around 420 parking spaces, and the third project is already in the starting blocks.

Parken & Management, a company that operates around 16 parking garages and parking spaces in Germany, has over 20 years of experience in parking management, and Arivo’s solution particularly impressed them.

The company was looking for a partner who could offer a high degree of flexibility and an intuitive user interface – all factors that Arivo can boast. After a short negotiation phase, it was clear to both parties that the Arivo Parking Management Solution in combination with Arivo Free Flow, i.e. the barrier-free access system, was the ideal solution for the two sites.

As the first project of this new partnership, the parking garage in Geislingen with 270 parking spaces was equipped with Arivo’s solutions. In both Geislingen and Plettenberg, the Parking Management Solution is perfectly suited, as parkers here are divided into three different rate groups: Long-term parkers, night parkers and employees. Since the creation of different groups is possible in a flash and without prior knowledge using the Arivo Parking Management Solution, this product was the perfect parking solution for this case. The Arivo Free Flow System allows users to drive into parking spaces without a physical barrier.

In total, there are around 60,000 monthly parking transactions in Geislingen with 270 parking spaces, and 7,500 in Plettenberg with 150 parking spaces. In Geislingen in particular, this is an extremely satisfying result.

"We are always interested in improvement, so we came across Arivo. Especially the fast installation, the intuitive dashboard and the flexibility of the system convinced us. The different setting options were very important for us, as we have different rate groups. With the really exceptionally well-designed dashboard of the Arivo Parking Management Solution, we can easily manage our parking spaces ourselves."

anton jais
Anton Jais
Regional Manager at Parken & Management

The following components were used for Parken & Management GmbH:

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