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Parking operators

Arivo parking is the ideal solution for parking operators and car park owners who want a modern access solution to manage their parking areas efficiently, profitably and with little administration effort.
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Parking solution for garage operators

You can now make your garages even more profitable! With a minimum of hardware in use, web-based management and automatic administration system, you have a fully automated digital parking system at your disposal.

Arivo license plate recognition - Arivo Smart Parking Management

No ticket - 100% digital

The absence of moving parts makes the system maintenance-free. No ticket machines, no refilling of paper, no costs for it.

Arivo license plate recognition accounting - Arivo Smart Parking Management

Parking Platform

The completely automated administration including billing and dunning saves administrative effort and costs.

Parking Operators - Arivo smart parking

Ideal for any size

Scalable solution already profitable for small garages, but also suitable for highly complex requirements and therefore future-proof.


Parking lots are managed by Arivo


License plate cameras are used in our systems


Reading results per second

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Problem solutions and use cases

Our software and hardware components can be combined with each other as desired.
Thanks to the open Arivo api, integration into existing systems is also possible without any problems.
In the following, we would like to demonstrate some of the versatile application possibilities based on selected use cases.

Sell permanent parking contracts online

You have a small/large garage and would like to offer your customers the possibility to purchase parking contracts 24/7 online?
You would like to do without tedious, manual contracts and the sending of parking cards?
The accounting, the booking, the dunning process should work automatically?

All this works with the Arivo e-commerce solution.

You need with existing hardware

for new garages

Increase revenue through reservations

You want to offer additional services and earn more at the same time?

Your customers have the possibility to reserve parking spaces in advance. By paying in advance, you can still generate revenue in case the customer does not use the parking space.

Pre-reservations are ideal for all kinds of events.

you need

Online ticket machine

Do you want to save your customers waiting times during the payment process?
You want to enable your customers to pay contactlessly in times of Covid-19?
You do NOT want to invest your money in the expensive purchase and intensive maintenance of large metal boxes (ticket machines)?
You want less cash handling, but still receive the money immediately and don’t want to be dependent on third party apps?

Then choose the Arivo Pay App! Cashless payments via smartphone, without installation of an app.

you need

Efficient monitoring of free parking time

Do you want to monitor compliance with the free parking time of shopping centres/supermarkets or similar without having to invest a lot?
You do not want barriers that need to be maintained?
You want to do without emergency call services and call centers?

Arivo Free Flow makes it possible!

you need

permanent readiness

Do you want to avoid costly system failures by automatically and continuously monitoring software and hardware?
Do you want to be informed immediately if problems occur?
You want a system that is able to solve problems independently?

The Arivo Health Monitor does all this!

you need

Building a user base

Do you want to keep your customers up-to-date with newsletters?
But you want to do without additional software, and thus also without the necessary, time-consuming data export or import?

With the Arivo e-commerce solution you can communicate directly with your registered short or long-term parkers.

you need

The most important at a glance

  • Convenient entry and exit via license plate recognition
  • No moving parts or consumables required
  • More revenue through parking sharing
  • Flexible zone settings
  • Problem-free integration into existing systems
  • Parking authorization & manage license plates online
  • Self administration through online customer portal
  • Reduced administrative costs
  • Multifunctional software for simple and highly complex requirements
  • Flexible package composition

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Smart parking lot management

The car park operator gets a modern, maintenance-free system, low installation costs, a reduction in administrative costs, unproblematic integration with existing systems and control over actual usage and capacities.

This allows both occupancy rates and rental turnover to be planned and optimised in the best possible way.

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