Parkhaus-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH

With smart software to simple garage management

With 32 parking garages and 18,000 parking spaces, the Parkhaus-Betriebsgesellschaft mbH (PBG) is considered the largest parking operator in Frankfurt am Main. The previous, time-consuming and local management of the parking garages has now come to an end thanks to Arivo.

A solution was needed to link all garages together to facilitate general management as well as the maintenance of long-term parkers. The existing parking system was to be retained and only supplemented by another one. In the end, Arivo’s digital parking solution was convincing, as it was able to map all the requirements and could also be easily integrated into existing systems.

In the dashboard of the Arivo software, PBG can now perform maintenance and control work simultaneously on all garages, can view and manage all customers with a long-term parking contract at a glance and always has information on current, new and lost customers. Practically, PBG can also save a lot of administrative effort and thus resources.

With the introduction of license plate recognition for long-term parkers, the number of parking media to be maintained also increased. Thanks to the customer portal of the Arivo Software, the maintenance of license plates can now be done by the long-term parkers themselves. This allows them to change the license plate saved for the license plate recognition at any time and in just a few clicks. This is particularly useful if, for example, your own vehicle is in the car service station and you have to switch to a rental car at short notice. The fast and flexible changes to license plate numbers have now convinced even PBG’s major customers, who were initially skeptical. Long communication routes to and from PBG are now completely eliminated.

"Every major parking operator has their specialties and peculiarities in how they implement certain things. We're really pleased that the specifics and also the adaptation in the system worked very well with the implementation."

Michael Bachmann

The further plan is to gradually equip as many garages as possible with the Arivo software and work is also currently underway to implement the Arivo PayApp, for payment of the parking fee via smartphone. In the future, PBG’s product portfolio is to be expanded to include the “registered short-term parkers” module.

The following components were used for the PBG:

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