Arivo Discount Management

Goodbye to tedious processes of manually handling and issuing discounts!

With us, you can easily set up, manage and settle credits and discounts on parking fees, even when dealing with multiple partner companies.

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Arivo Customer: Contipark
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The Customer Journey using Arivo's discounting solution

Intuitive redemption of parking fee discounts


1. Enter the licence plate number

To redeem the discounts, parkers need to enter their licence plate number via the touchscreen.


2. Discount will be deducted automatically

Once the license plate number is entered successfully, the discount is automatically deducted from the parking fees.


3. Pay remaining amount

customers conveniently pay the remaining amount at the cashless terminal, for instance.
Discount handling made easy

What is the Arivo Discount Management?

Digital & simple discount management

Using Arivo Parking OS as a foundation, Arivo Discount Management empowers parking facility operators to efficiently set up and manage discounts on parking fees independently.

Various discount types offer adaptability and three different options to redeem discounts elevate the users experience.


Effortlessly coordinate multiple partner companies

Is your car park used by healthcare providers, supermarkets, fitness centers, or other companies? Do they want to provide their customers with discounted parking options? We've got you covered.

With our software application, you can effortlessly and efficiently handle parking fee discounts in collaboration with multiple partners. You have the freedom to choose whether or not to share the refunded parking fees with your partners.

Various types of discounts

Depending on your use case and requirements, you can opt for either temporary or monetary discounts:


Fixed discount 

Parkers are credited a fixed amount of their parking fees.


Free parking time
A certain amount of time is deducted from the parking duration.


Change of tariff
Parkers can switch to a discounted short-term parking rate.

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Full cost coverage
Parking is completely free of charge for parkers and may be covered by your partners.

Flexible & yet easy to operate

Advantages of our discount management

Intuitive & simple handling

The intuitive user interface simplifies the management of discounts, even when dealing with various partner companies.

Flexible discount management

With various types of discounts & redemption choices, you have the flexibility to tailor parking fee discounts to suit your specific needs and those of your partners.

Fast set up of discounts

Easily set up discounts without any technical expertise! Just specify type & amount, optionally set a time limit, choose the redemption method. It's as simple as that.

100 % digital & paperless

No need for receipts or discount tickets. Parkers simply enter thier licence plate at the Arivo Discount Tablet to reedem their discounts completely digital & paperless. 

Automated reporting

Our software application automatically generates discount reports for invoicing partner companies (if they cover the costs) or for your own financial accounting.

Intuitive user interface

Simple & straightforward - parkers either scan a QR code during payment, enter their license plate in the Arivo Discount Tablet or a web interface.

Smart, useful & automated

The features of the Arivo Discount Management

Mit der Arivo Kundenverwaltung Park-Produkte, Tarife und KundInnengruppen leicht verwalten.

Management of different discounts & multiple partner companies

Unterschiedliche Abrechnungsarten sind bei der Arivo Kundenverwaltung möglich.

Various types of discounts: Fixed amount, free parking time, change of tariff or full cost coverage.


Different options to redeem discounts: Via Discount Tablet, web interface or with a QR code during payment

Zeitliche Beschränkungen oder unbegrenzte Gültigkeit von Vergütungen wählbar

Possibility to set time limits for limited or unlimited validity of allowances

Diverse Exportmöglichkeiten stehen in der Arivo Kundenverwaltung zur Verfügung.

Automatically generated reports for accounting purposes or for invoicing your partners.

QR-Code für Dauerparkende als Backup für Ein- und Ausfahrt.

Quick & easy set-up of discounts and the Arivo Discount Tablet with a QR code



Sales Manager

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Let's address your needs in a short call. We're eager to demonstrate how our discount management helps to simplify your management of parking fee discounts.

Minimal effort & maximum convenience

The Arivo Discount Tablet

Perfect for the exit area at partner companies like gyms or doctors - the Arivo Discount Tablet streamlines your compensation process, ensuring it's as convenient and straightforward as can be.

Simple & quick setup

Flexible installation options (with stand or wall bracket)

24/7 & around the clock: trouble-free constant operation

Maximum user experience when redeeming benefits


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