Arivo payment solutions

Our intelligent payment solutions guarantee swift and dependable transaction processing.

With top-tier hardware and advanced software, we ensure your seamless parking facility operation.

Verschiedene Bezahlsysteme der Arivo Parkingsolutions GmbH um die Parkgebühren zu bezahlen
Pay, redeem discounts & request help

The Arivo Parking terminal

Die Parking Säule bzw. das Arivo Parking Terminal ist ein Bezahlsystem von Arivo Parking Solutions um die Parkgebühren zu bezahlen

Pay directly at the exit

Parking fees can be paid directly at the exit terminal. Additionally, your customers can also redeem discounts and credit notes here.


If a license plate isn't registered in the system or is hard to read due to dirt, your parking customers can either ask for assistance through the built-in intercom, or use the QR code to open the barrier.

Low maintenance effort

Components, like receipt printers and coin trays, that are prone to needing maintenance, are intentionally excluded. This ensures smooth and dependable operation.


The Parking Terminal is built to endure even the harshest conditions, boasting IP-67 certification, specially reinforced glass, and a sturdy metal body.

Pay parking fees & redeem discounts.

The Arivo Cashless terminal

Cashless_Automat Kopie-1

Modern design  

Distinguished by its modern and streamlined design, the cashless machine is user-friendly and self-explanatory, thanks to its spacious touch display and intuitive menu.

Redeem discounts

Apart from paying for parking, parkers have the option to use the payment terminal to redeem any compensation they've received.

Low maintenance effort

To ensure a smooth and dependable operation, the Arivo.Cashless machine intentionally omits components like receipt printers or coin trays that may need frequent maintenance.

Durable & designed for outdoor useage

The bright display ensures easy readability even in direct sunlight.

Der Cashless Automat bzw. ist ein Bezahlsystem von Arivo Parking Solutions um die Parkgebühren zu bezahlen
Payment via smartphone

Arivo Pay

Web-based application

Arivo.Pay allows the convenient payment of parking fees through your smartphone. Since it's web-based, there's no need to download or install an app.

Contactless payment

Parkers can swiftly and securely make payments using Arivo.Pay. They simply need to scan the on-site QR code, input their license plate number, verify the payment, and choose their preferred payment method, whether it's credit card, EPS transfer, ApplePay, or GooglePay.

No waiting time for payment

Arivo.Pay eliminates the necessity for parkers to visit a pay station, saving them from extra steps and frustrating waiting times.

Zero investment costs

Arivo.Pay runs entirely without hardware, saving you from both initial investment costs and the hassle of maintenance.

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