Arivo licence plate recognition

At the core of our intelligent parking system, it serves as the foundation for our digital parking solutions, boasting an impressive detection rate of over 99.5%.

Alongside steadfast detection, we prioritize full compliance with data protection regulations.

Produktbild der Arivo LPR-Kamera
Fully digital & utterly reliable

Advantages of our licence plate recognition

Reliable detection precision

Our LPR achieves a detection rate exceeding 99.5%, even when subjected to snow and dirt, and at speeds of up to 70 km/h!

Accurate recognition of directions & country 

The ability to read at high speeds enables tracking of the car in the image and determining its direction of travel. Moreover, it supports all European number plates.

Flexible installation

The Arivo LPR cameras can be effortlessly installed in various settings, whether it's mounted on the ceiling in a garage or standing freely in an outdoor parking lot.

Durable & weather-resistant

IP66/IK10 Certified: The sturdy aluminum housing shields the license plate recognition camera from rain, snow, and vandalism-induced damage.

Seamless integration with current systems

Arivo's license plate recognition seamlessly integrates with your current parking systems, allowing you to retain the use of your barriers or roll-up doors.


Arivo's license plate recognition and digital parking system complies with all technical requirements of the EU's GDPR. Read more

Cutting-edge number plate recognition technology

The basis for a 100% digital parking system

Die Arivo Kennzeichenerkennung im Einsatz bei der Park & Ride Anlage in St. Valentin (Österreich).

Since its inception in 2017, our License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology has undergone continuous refinement. Together with our smart parking software, it paves the way for a seamless transition to ticketless parking in both barriered and free-flow parking facilities. 

Arivo's automatic license plate recognition impresses with a detection rate of over 99.5%, even at speeds of up to 70 km/h!

Our LPR cameras swiftly identify the license plate in a matter of milliseconds. As the vehicle approaches, the number plate is scanned between 50 and 200 times from a distance of 40 meters. Our proprietary license plate recognition software then processes these multiple readings to accurately calculate the license plate number. Consequently, any occasional misreads due to reflections, shadows, obstructions, or unfavorable angles are effectively mitigated.

High-speed reading not only enables car tracking within the image but also provides the capability to determine the direction of travel. Our LPR software goes a step further by recognizing the country code on the number plate, offering support for all European number plates, both EU and non-EU. This versatility makes our license plate recognition system particularly well-suited for parking areas with a high volume of international traffic.

Optimal convenience upon entry & exit

Arivo's license plate recognition makes parking effortless!

Digital & zuverlässig

Ihre Vorteile mit der Arivo Kennzeichenerkennung

Branchenbeste Detektionsrate  

Durch den Einsatz modernster Technologie erreicht unsere Kennzeichenerkennung eine Detektionsrate von mehr als 99,5 %. Selbst bei Verschmutzungen durch Schnee und Matsch!


In wenigen Millisekunden wird das Kennzeichen gelesen. Das schnelle Lesen ermöglicht, das Auto im Bild zu verfolgen und die Fahrtrichtung zu bestimmen.

Unser System unterstützt alle europäischen Nummernschilder (+SUI). Arivo eignet sich also auch bestens für Parkräume mit viel internationalem Verkehr.

Flexible Montage

Ob an der Decke, in der Garage oder frei stehend auf einem Außenparkplatz, die Arivo Kennzeichenerkennung kann überall problemlos montiert werden.

Wetterfest & Robust

Unsere Kennzeichenerkennungskameras sind nach IP66/IK10 zertifiziert. Das robuste Aluminiumgehäuse schützt die Kamera vor Regen und Schnee sowie vor Schäden durch Vandalismus.

Integrierbar in bestehende systeme

Die Arivo Kennzeichenerkennung lässt sich in bereits bestehende Parksysteme integrieren und erlaubt so die Weiterverwendung Ihrer Schranken bzw. Rolltore.


Die Kennzeichenerkennung und das digitale Parksystem von Arivo erfüllen sämtliche technische Voraussetzungen der DSGVO der EU. Mehr lesen.

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DSVGO-compliant licence plate recognition

Utmost standards for data protection

We handle sensitive customer data with the highest level of care. Arivo's license plate recognition and parking management software have been meticulously developed in compliance with the EU's GDPR. Furthermore, our number plate recognition's adherence to GDPR regulations has undergone rigorous testing in multiple audits, consistently receiving confirmation.

No videos are stored, and our system automatically pixelates or obscures areas of the image that are not relevant for license plate recognition. This safeguards the privacy of both parkers and third parties!

You can find more information on data protection and License Plate Recognition (LPR), along with an example of signage that meets the notice requirement, here.

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