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We offer everything from a simple parking management solution with industry’s best license plate recognition to a complete intelligent rental platform.
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Housing companies

Let your residents enjoy the benefits of automatic license plate recognition. Entering and exiting without pressing any buttons – it couldn’t be more convenient.



Assign parking permits to your employees and suppliers and impress your customers with Arivo’s innovative parking management.

arivo-parking operators


Sell parking contracts online 24/7 and make your garage 100% digital. The flexibility of our solutions makes it easy to implement even complex requirements.

Arivo solution for hotels - Arivo Smart parking solutions

hotel facilities

When your guest arrives, the reception is automatically informed. The reception can be optimally prepared and nothing stands in the way of a relaxing stay.

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Parking lots managed by Arivo software

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License plate cameras
are used in our installations


An Arivo transaction is processed every second

A new way of thinking about urban mobility


Leave tedious work such as invoicing and dunning to our intelligent systems. Our software takes over time-consuming administrative tasks, leaving you time for more important things.


What good is great software if no one can use it? Exactly, nothing. That’s why all our software products are designed to be as easy and intuitive to use as possible.


In the web interface, you can monitor the processes on your parking area live at any time. If problems or malfunctions occur, you will also be automatically notified by the Alert Center.


Our services

Our main product is the specially developed software for a wide range of park-related use cases.
The entire system can be adapted to any operation, so you can cope with any changes in the future.

Arivo Kurzparksystem Einfahrt- Arivo Smart Parking Management
Tariffs, products, customers, contracts or payments, all manageable at any time and centrally with the Arivo e-commerce solution. Fully automated processes are sure to benefit any garage business.

Mix and match!

All basic elements, such as door opener and license plate recognition or parking column and PayApp, can be combined as desired.

Take a look at our products and combine them to get a unique solution that perfectly meets all your requirements. You can find the most common use cases and combinations depending on the industry in the sectors overview.
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