Solutions for

  • Cost advantages starting at 25 parking lots
  • Simple administration
  • Increase in yield return through additional revenue stream
  • Flexible authorizations
  • Modern visitor invitation management
  • Additional revenue
  • Everything from a single source: from rental to settlement
  • Contactless payment
  • Increase of capacity utilisation and profits

Parking lots managed by Arivo software


License plate cameras
are used in our installations


An Arivo transaction is processed every 3 seconds

Arivo license plate recognition is not only faster than others, but it is also smarter than other systems and has a better user interface. Automatic license plate recognition is the basis for a 100% digital parking system – easy to install and maintenance-free.

Arivo offers everything from a simple parking solution to a complete intelligent rental platform. Web-based automated parking management makes parking access and management easy, modern and profitable.

Logo Fiegl + Spielberger - Referenzkunde ArivoLogo Fiegl + Spielberger - Referenzkunde Arivo
Logo Fiegl + Spielberger - Credential Arivo

“In the first 2 weeks after implementation, there were already 1,100 entries and exits that worked smoothly.

Customers and hotel guests are thrilled. The guest or customer will receive the invitation to access the parking garage by e-mail or text message before arrival. So he knows exactly where it is located. The reception will be informed when the guest or customer reaches the car park and can prepare the check-in perfectly.”

Meinhard Berger
Head of Greentec Fiegl+Spielberger

Logo ParkenPlus- Referenzkunde ArivoLogo ParkenPlus- Referenzkunde Arivo
Logo ParkenPlus - Credential Arivo

“Looking into the future, I envision city centres as huge connected and web-based parking platforms. Car drivers will have the possibility to use the public as well as private parking garages supported by a connected APP. A central platform will cover management and payment. A city toll could also be integrated into the platform.

Congestion charge, parking, electric charging, car-sharing and the payment tools will merge seamlessly. The license plate will be the fingerprint for a car and consumers will experience the parking process comfortable and easy as never before. Through the usage of the mobile parking application, public and
private parking lots can become one.”

Wolfgang Reichl, PhD
Executive director Parkenplus Betreiber GmbH

Logo GWS - Referenzkunde ArivoLogo GWS - Referenzkunde Arivo
Logo GWS - Credential Arivo

“Innovation is our key priority. During the project, we evaluated diligently all management cost and also the operating cost advantages. Four project partners had to agree to the digital solution.

The reliability of the functionality and that the system cannot be manipulated and is safe from vandalism, have been convincing factors. We look forward to working with Arivo also on future projects.”

Christian Stepanek
Head of the GWS Property Management

Logo Steiermärkische Sparkasse - Referenzkunde ArivoLogo Steiermärkische Sparkasse - Referenzkunde Arivo
Logo Steiermärkische Sparkasse - Credential Arivo

“The special highlights of Arivo‘s smart parking system are the complete overview and control of the usage and capacity of our car park at any time. We had complex requirements but Arivo was constantly focused on the optimization of the product in this project. There is a plan to roll out the option to use the garage at the weekend for employees later this year.”

Karl-Heinz Jöbstl
Real estate and Building Manager Steiermärkische Sparkasse.

Logo MedUni Graz - Referenzkunde ArivoLogo MedUni Graz - Referenzkunde Arivo
Logo MedUni Graz - Credential Arivo

“For our MED CAMPUS, it was essential to be able to have flexible parking permissions for employees and on-call service and to have the parking lot utilization constantly under control. Arivo is a flexible project partner and the system runs reliably since October 2018.

The next challenge will be seen after the second construction phase. Then even more users will have the chance to apply for a parking lot. At a second level additional 140 parking lots will be built at the campus of the Medical University. The advantage of a digital parking system is that the new requirements will be quickly and efficiently implemented.”

Bernd Hubich
OE Med Campus Construction and Management

company dummy_smallcompany dummy_small
Logo EFSTA - Credential Arivo

“Parking would not be a bad experience, without ticket machines, the way to find them, the search for the ticket and being afraid to lose it.

We improved that unpleasant experience in our cooperation project together with Arivo. No tickets. No waste. Everything just digital. And it is also safe due to the EFSTA fiscal-system which delivers the receipt with end-to-end encryption simple and fast for everyone.”

Jakob Marberger
Product Manager EFSTA

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