We are Arivo!

We're dedicated to transforming parking into a digital, intelligent, and user-friendly experience.

What began with dependable license plate recognition technology has transformed into a comprehensive digital parking management system, capable of accommodating various requirements and handling diverse scenarios.

Now, we provide an ideal solution for efficient parking facility management and administration.

Das Arivo Logo am Eingang des Büros von Arivo Parking Solution
Der Berliner Ostbahnhof wurde mit dem Arivo Parksystem ausgestattet.

Our vision

We are changing the world of parking.

Why? The future of mobility is all about being digital and smart. Tomorrow's parking needs to reflect this transformation as well.

Our mission

We make parking digital, smart and simple by digitising and automating parking space management.

For operators, we make the management of parking spaces as efficient and resource-saving as possible. And for car park users, we make parking as convenient and simple as possible. With reliable hardware and smart management software.

Our values

We are future-oriented.
We're oriented towards the future. As mobility undergoes change, it demands fresh solutions and concepts.

We are innovative.
Digitalization and automation are our daily business, as we want to revolutionize the parking industry.

We are benefit-oriented.
Our Parking Solution is designed to provide maximum convenience for parkers and maximum efficiency for operators.

We are smart.
Smart isn't just a buzzword for us; it's a fundamental requirement for our parking solution and work approach.

We are dynamic.
We don't believe in standing still; instead, we're committed to continuously optimizing and striving for improvement.

We are flexible.
Our Parking Solution adapts to any typical parking use case. It's all a question of configuration.

We are reliable.
Efficient project management is a top priority for us, and providing support is a fundamental principle.

For interested business partners

Why choose us?

Because we embody flexibility and reliability. At Arivo, we place the utmost priority on delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction in every aspect of our work. While we did not invent car park management, we are dedicated to advancing its development. Innovation is woven into our corporate DNA. Digitalization and automation are part of our everyday business.

Das Arivo System im Einsatz beim Euro Plaza 3 Parkplatz der BOE Technologiestraße in Wien
Eine adaptierte Careera-Bahn ist das Herstück der Demo-Station für die Arivo Parking Solution
For interested applicants

Why join our team?

Because we're a youthful and dynamic team, embracing a startup mindset with flat hierarchies. At Arivo, your ideas aren't just welcome – you can bring them to life!

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