Arivo Parking OS

Our smart parking software makes your digital parking management intuitive, automated, and future-ready.

Our Parking OS provides smart software applications for different, typical parking scenarios.

Interface der Arivo Parkplatz Management Software
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Modular software-stack for parking management

What is Arivo Parking OS?

Interface Beispiel der digitalen Parkraummanagement Software von Arivo

The operating system for the parking industry

Our Arivo Parking OS delivers a customizable, web-based software solution tailored to your requirements.

Think of it as Microsoft Windows and Office, but designed specifically for your digital parking management and administration!


Smart software applications for digital & automated parking management

From device monitoring to contract customer management.

For different parking administration tasks, the Arivo Parking OS offers a suitable software application with top-notch features.


An application for different processes

The Arivo Parking OS applications

Efficient contract and customer management with the Parking Software by Arivo Customer management

For managing registered long-term & short-term parkers. Read more

Parking space device monitoring with Arivo Parking Software Monitoring

For monitoring the device functions on site.

Automated reports from Arivo Parking Software Reports

To download reports & export raw data for own evaluations.

Discount & renumeration management with the Parking Software by Arivo Discount management

Enables easy discounting of parking fees and management of different discount partners. Read more

Managing Whitelist Parking Permits with Arivo Parking Software Whitelist

To create 'whitelist' parking permissions (also possible for specific licence plate patterns).

Einstellungen zur Konfiguration der Arivo Parking Software Settings

To change & view the parking system settings and user permissions.

Parking operations log with the software solution by Arivo Operator

Event log to view & manage parking operations.

Automated enforcement of open parking fees with Arivo Parking Software Enforcement

Automated transfer to partners for dunning & collection of pending parking fees (for freeflow systems).

Easy integration via the open API of the Arivo Parking Software

Easy integration of your own software applications or third-party parking apps.

Benefit from premium features of our parking applications. Elevate the efficiency of your parking administration and management to new heights.

24/7 online sale of parking contracts & automated customer management

The Arivo Customer Management

Arivo's customer management seamlessly enhances your digital parking management, providing effortless and efficient oversight of diverse customer groups.

With the Arivo Customer Management, you gain access to...

24/7 online sales of parking contracts via your own webshop hosted by us (available to registered short- and long-term parkers).

Automated customer accounting & billing
(from invoicing to receipt of payment).

A self-management portal for your parking customers.

Interface der Arivo Software-Anwendung für das Vertragskundenmanagement in der Parkraumbewirtschaftung
Exceptional user experience & maximum flexibility

Advantages of our parking software

Intuitive & simple operation

Say goodbye to complex processes! The Arivo software interface is user-friendly. Operators and parkers can easily navigate within a matter of minutes.

Automated processes

Our software automates manual activities and digitizes all processes of your parking management. This makes your parking operation as efficient as possible.

Central access for all locations

Whether you have 2 parking garages or 100, bid farewell to isolated systems! Our software allows you to manage all your parking areas seamlessly from one platform.

Modular software package

We provide a variety of in-house developed applications that can be activated individually to meet your specific car park management needs.

Integration of additional applications

Whether parking apps such as Easypark or your own software applications - they can be easily and quickly integrated via the API of our parking software!  

Quick & easy setup

Arivo's digital parking system features a flexible, modular design, allowing for swift configuration. What might take others weeks, we accomplish with just a few clicks.


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Easy integration of third-party applications

The API of Arivo Parking OS

Die Parking App Easypark kann in die Arivo Parking Software integriert werden
Einfache Integration von Parking Apps

Get ready for the future of the connected parking industry with us!

Arivo Parking OS offers an open API, ensuring seamless integration of software applications.

Whether it's third-party parking apps like Easypark, Parkster or your own custom-developed software, we've got you covered.

With the Arivo Parking OS, your parking management evolves into a dynamic ecosystem of intelligent software applications.

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