Arivo parking system

100 % digital. Whether with or without barriers. With our solution of hardware and software, you can digitise your car park or parking garage.

Our modular parking system meets your needs - less effort, lower costs, full flexibility!

Parkobello relies on the ticketless parking solution from Arivo in Frankfurt.
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Arivo Kunde Contipark Interparking Group
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The comprehensive solution for ticketless parking

Key components of the digital parking solution by Arivo

The Arivo parking system is based on a 100% digital approach to managing and overseeing parking spaces. Our goal is to offer unparalleled convenience for both parkers and parking garage operators. This is why our flexible parking solution relies on dependable license plate recognition, smart software, state-of-the-art payment options, and low-maintenance hardware.

Die Parklösung von Arivo ist mit Kennzeichenerkennung bzw. ticketlos.

1. The Arivo licence plate recognition

Arivo's licence plate recognition serves as the foundation of our intelligent parking solution, enabling ticketless parking and digital parking management. With a detection rate surpassing 99.5%, our LPR is reliable. Even in challenging conditions such as dirty licence plates and vehicle speeds of up to 70 km/h.

Die Parklösung von Arivo ist zu 100 % digital und wird über eine smarte Software verwaltet.

2. Digital parking management - Arivo Parking OS 

Our Arivo Parking OS is a modular and intelligent parking management software. By seamlessly merging our different parking applications and integrating third-party apps, our parking system can be easily adapted to meet your specific needs. 

Arivo setzt bei für Ihre Parkplatz Komplettlösung auf schlanke Parkflächen-Ausstattung vor Ort

3. Lean, low-maintenance hardware equipment

Our ticketless parking solution minimizes hardware while prioritizing low-maintenance components. Whereas the choice of barriers or barrier-free access is entirely yours. Our modern payment systems ensure an conveniente, hassle-free experience for your customers.

Digital, smart & simple

Advantages of our parking solution

Digital operation

Software first – We are revolutionizing parking! At Arivo, we've digitised and largely automated the process, from entry to exit. 

Minimal time investment

Low administration and maintenance effort due to powerful software and low-maintenance hardware. This sets our parking system apart.

Central & intuitive operation

Goodbye to isolated systems and nerve-racking manuals. Arivo's software allows you to efficiently manage all your parking facilities centrally via one intuitive interface.


Whether there are barriers or not. Whether it's short-term or long-term parking. Our modular parking system can accommodate different processes and scenarios!

Reliable licence plate recognition

Our ticketless parking system is based on reliable and fast number plate recognition: >99.5% detection rate, even in challenging conditions. 

Maximized convenience for parkers

Seamless entry, convenient parking, hassle-free payment & easy exit. Our solution delivers an exceptional parking experience for both short-term & long-term parkers!

Barriers or barrier-free? The choice is yours!

Our parking system versions

Barrier systems and Freeflow solutions come with their own distinct advantages. The selection of the ideal parking system hinges on your specific needs. Regardless of your preference, we offer both options!

Parkobello relies on the ticketless parking solution from Arivo in Frankfurt.

Barred parking solution

Our barrier-based solution empowers you to efficiently oversee different parking zones. This guarantees consistent access for your long-term parkers, while restricting entry for short-term parkers when the area reaches its capacity.

Contractual penalties become unnecessary, as leaving without prior payment of parking fees is simply not possible.


Barrier-free parking solution

Zero acquisition or maintenance expenses for barriers. No need for an intercom or 24h availability. Beyond mere convenience, barrier-free parking offers added benefits.

Our intelligent Freeflow solution safeguards against unauthorized parking, with automated enforcement at no extra costs. Thus, your revenue is secured.

Arivo bietet eine Parklösung für unbeschrankte Parkflächen.

The Arivo parking system with Barrier system vs Freeflow

  With barriers Freeflow
Low maintenance requirements
No intercom system needed
Parking zone quotas possible
Option to reserve parking lots for long-term parkers
Quick entry & exit
Protection against unauthorized parking & non-payment
Exit guaranteed at all times
(even in case of system failure)


Parking area equipment tailored to meet your needs

Our hardware for your Arivo parking system

Arivo Kennzeichenerkennungskamera


  • Safe against vandalism
  • Flexible installation
Arivo Parking Säule

Parking Terminal

  • Visual barrier
  • Cashless payment
Arivo Türleser

Door Reader

  • Grants access for your parking customers
Arivo Cashless Automat

Cashless Terminal

  • For cashless payment of parking fees
Arivo Schrankenanlage

Barrier System

  • Automatic entry and exit barriers
Arivo Infodisplay

Info Display

  • For displaying crucial parking information
Arivo Vergütungstablet

Discount Tablet

  • Allows customers to redeem thier discounts
Parkplatz Beschilderung

Free/Occupied Sign

  • Indicates free parking lots
  • Helps to avoid traffic jams
Dominik Wieser, CEO & Gründer von Arivo

Dominik Wieser


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Use cases of our digital parking system

Optimal for managing parking across diverse industries

Our digital parking solution greatly cuts down on the administrative workload for parking spaces in the following areas: 

Die Parklösung von Arivo kommt bei zahlreichen Branchen zum Einsatz

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