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Arivo is your reliable partner for innovative parking management. With a track record of over 900 successful projects, we offer a solution for your specific needs.

Our customers value not only the dependability and quickness of our licence plate recognition but also the useful features of our parking system as well as a fair price-performance ratio.

Der Berliner Ostbahnhof wurde mit dem Arivo Parksystem ausgestattet.
Arivo Kunde: Contipark
Arivo Customer: PRM
Arivo Customer: Apcoa Parking
Arivo Customer: Best in Parking
Arivo Customer: Parkenplus
Arivo Customer: PBG Frankfurt
Arivo Customer: BOE Parking & Real Estate
Arivo Customer: Parken & Management
Arivo Customer: Wipark
Arivo Customer: DB BahnPark
Arivo Customer: ÖBB
Arivo Customer: Airport Graz
Arivo Customer: Fraport
Arivo Customer: Lufthansa Aviation Training
Arivo Customer: Universitätsmedizin Mannheim
Arivo Customer: Universitätsklinikum Bonn
Arivo Customer: Sana Kliniken (in cooperation with PRM)
Arivo Customer: MedUni Graz
Arivo Customer: LKH Graz
Arivo Customer: congress Schladming
Arivo Customer: RVB Ramsau Dachstein
Arivo Customer: City of Dornbirn
Arivo Customer: Sölden
Arivo Customer: City of Graz
Arivo Customer: Bregenz
Arivo Customer: Bruck an der Mur
Arivo Customer: Fellbach
Arivo Customer: Lustenau
Arivo Customer: Geisskopf am Berg
Arivo Customer: Dorint Resort
Arivo Customer: Hotel Wiesenhof
Arivo Customer: Hotel Royer
Arivo Customer: F3
Arivo Customer: Grohnder Fährhaus
Arivo Customer: Wohngut Bauträger
Arivo Customer: Soravia
Arivo Customer: GWS
Arivo Customer: Haring Group
Arivo Customer: The Brick
Arivo Customer: IMA Immobilien Management GmbH
Arivo Customer: Smart City Graz
Arivo Customer: Reininghausgründe
Arivo Customer: Energie Graz
Arivo Customer: Energie Steiermark
Arivo Customer: Primeo Energie
Arivo Customer: Steiermärkische Sparkasse
Arivo Customer: Galeria Kaufhof
Arivo Customer: TU Graz
Arivo Customer: Trelleborg
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What customers say about Arivo

Referenz Stories_Portrait-Korana-Balenovic_Contipark


Zitat_Icon The barrier-free and cashless parking solution saves us an incredible amount of time and effort in terms of administration and maintenance. The Arivo parking system and software are simply amazing. So convenient, uncomplicated and modern!



Korana Balenovic

Operations Manager South


Arivo Kunde: Contipark



Zitat_Icon Over and over again, we are impressed by the reliability of the licence plate recognition! Different angles of approach, snow accumulation on licence plates, bends, or slopes on the driveway — no problem whatsoever for the LPR technology from Arivo.


Herbert Kaufmann



Thomas Sturm


Zitat_Icon The Arivo system is a great example of lean and sustainable parking management. It is very user-friendly and every user can see the parking transactions made and the current costs in his or her account. It is therefore a practical and consistent solution for raising awareness of personal mobility.


Thomas Sturm, MA BSc.



Carpark management with Arivo

Our reference stories

Das Arivo Parksystem im Einsatz bei der Geisskopfbahn in Bayern, Deutschland


Rising visitor numbers and a lack of flexibility in car park management...

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Berlin Ostbahnhof

Arivo Kunde: Contipark DB-Bahnpark-logo

BahnPark relies on parking systems from Arivo at Berlin Ostbahnhof.

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arivo parking solution in use at ulm railway station
Ulm Central Station

Arivo Kunde: Contipark DB-Bahnpark-logo

DB BahnPark relies on Arivo again: Freeflow parking at Ulm station.

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The Arivo parking system in use at numerous PRM car parks in Germany


This is how Arivo and PRM will manage the parking spaces of tomorrow.

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PBG relies on the parking solution from Arivo for its car parks in Frankfurt


Smart software from Arivo for efficient parking management.

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ÖBB relies on Apcoa as operator and Arivo as technology supplier for its Park & Ride facilities.


No chance for parking violators thanks to barrier-free surveillance.

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The Arivo parking system in use at the underground car parks of Parkenplus in Austria


Complex parking management smartly solved at ParkenPlus.

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Parking & Management is an Arivo customer (Germany)
Parken & Management


Innovation and flexibility for different tariff groups.

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The Arivo license plate recognition in use at Fraport in Frankfurt, Germany


Comfortable entry thanks to number plate recognition & online booking tool.

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The Arivo parking system in use at the parking lot near the old mill in Ramsau (Austria)
Ramsauer Verkehrsbetriebe


Parking at the old mill in Ramsau is ticket-, barrier- & cashless.

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The Arivo parking solution in use at the sporthotel Royer in Austria
Sporthotel Royer


How a smart parking solution helps to ensure that the guest is truly king.

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The TruckXXGroup relies on the parking system from Arivo (Germany) for the Grohnder Fährhaus car park.
Grohnder Fährhaus


An innovative and cost-effective parking system for the Grohnder Fährhaus.

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The Arivo parking system in use at the congress Schladming (Austria)
congress Schladming


Parking at congress Schladming is now ticketless & barrier-free

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The Arivo parking solution in use at the parking space of the Lufthansa Aviation Trianing Center in Switzerland
Lufthansa Aviation Training


Sophisticated parking system for Lufthansa Aviation Training.

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The underground car park of Steiermärkische Sparkasse in Graz (Austria) was equipped with the Arivo parking system
Steiermärkische Sparkasse


Arivo's digital parking system transforms the headquarters' parking garage.

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CSS Insurance in Switzerland relies on the parking solution from Arivo


Swiss company CSS relies on the parking system from Arivo Parking.

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The underground car park of The Brick in Vienna (Austria) was equipped with the Arivo parking system
The Brick


Multifunctional parking solution for a multifunctional building complex.

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The TrIIple building in Vienna (Austria) was equipped with the Arivo car park system
Soravia: TrIIIple


Triiiple: 'Best' skyscraper in the world relies on Arivo parking solution

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The underground car park of the Austrotower in Vienna (Austria) was equipped with the Arivo parking system.
IMA: Austrotower


The Austrotower will now also feature parking facilities by Arivo.

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The underground car park of the Q7 at Reininghausgründe in Graz (Austria) was equipped with the Arivo parking system.
Q7 Reininghaus


Innovative parking system for the residential courtyards of Q7 Reininghaus.

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The city of Graz in Austria relies on licence plate recognition and the Arivo parking system
Graz Stadt


The city of Graz now counts on digital access solutions for vehicles.

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the parking system of Arivo in use at the underground car park of the cultural center and city of Dornbirn
City of Dornbirn


Cultural centre and city garage of Dornbirn with the Arivo LPR

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The Arivo parking solution in use at parking garages in Tulln an der Donau, Austria
City of Tulln


Less administrative work thanks to innovative parking solution for Tulln.

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The city Bruck an der Mur in Austria relies on the parking solution by Arivo
Bruck an der Mur


Arivo's innovative comfort parking has a multitude of advantages.

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The Arivo license plate recognition in use at the LKH Graz in Austria
State hospital Graz


Licence plate recognition for the LKH-Graz - because every second counts!

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MedUni Graz (Austria) relies on the parking solution from Arivo
Med Uni Graz


The MED CAMPUS of Graz relies on digital parking management.

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Peter Radmüller-1

Peter Radmüller

Head of Sales


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What our customers say

Wolfgang Reichl - Parkenplus


Zitat_Icon Arivo's customer management system greatly reduces personnel costs and administration. It's difficult to say in percentage terms, but I estimate that the system reduces costs and effort by 80 - 85%. We manage around four and a half to 5000 long-term parkers in 17 garages with 3 half-time employees.


Dr. Wolfgang Reichl



Birgit Brandstätter_Ramsauer-Verkehrsbetriebe


Zitat_Icon Thanks to Arivo, we‘ve set up a Park & Go system that works efficiently and hassle-free, allowing online payments via Arivo.Pay. Arivo offers a simple and modern parking solution, and their team is always ready to assist us with advice and support.



Birgit Brandstätter

RVB - Ramsauer Verkehrsbetreibe GmbH




Zitat_Icon It is important to us that the system functions smoothly and requires as little manual effort as possible. The freeflow parking solution from Arivo fulfils these requirements more than satisfactorily. We recommend Arivo to anyone looking for a modern car park solution!


Hansjörg Stocker



Thomas Rudolf - Tulln_Donau


Zitat_Icon We are extremely satisfied with the new solution. In the beginning, we didn't realise what Arivo's unique solution can do and how flexible it is to adapt to our needs. The fact that the Arivo system is extremely versatile and not bulky was a huge plus. 


Ing. Thomas Rudoldf

Rounds and Traffic city council of Tulln



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