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The smart solution for car parks and garages

Arivo is an ideal solution for your digital parking space management! Our modern parking system allows operators to manage their parking spaces efficiently, profitably, and with as little administrative and maintenance effort as possible.

Parkobello relies on the ticketless parking solution from Arivo in Frankfurt.
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Cost-saving & efficient car park operation with Arivo

Our solutions for your challenges

Is your parking management tedious & time-consuming?

With our web-based and user-friendly Parking OS, operations are easier and more time-saving than ever! Our smart software automates numerous administrative tasks and reduces your operating costs.

Are you tired of costly maintenance work?

Thanks to our ticketless parking system, our lean hardware requires no moving parts that are prone to maintenance. With Arivo, your maintenance efforts and costs are reduced to a minimum.

Do you have to manage your customers manually?

Arivo customer mana­ge­ment allows you to automate tedious tasks in contract customer management, ranging from 24/7 online parking contract sales to billing — centralized & for all your locations.

Efficient car park management thanks to smart software

12 PBG parking facilities in Frankfurt managed with Arivo

Arivo Kunde: PBG Parkhausbetriebsgesellschaft mbH

PBG, the largest parking operator in Frankfurt am Main, sought a digital solution to standardize and greatly simplify the previous complex administration of their parking garages. With the introduction of Arivo‘s digital parking management, PBG‘s needs were impeccably addressed and optimized.

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Arivo Kunde: PBG Parkhausbetriebsgesellschaft mbH

Challenges in daily operations...

Complex management of several parking areas
High administrative costs
No self-administration for parkers
Lack of flexibility with regard to user groups
Restricted use for long-term parkers

...smart solved by Arivo

Central dashboard for easy management of all parking objects
Minimization of administrative costs through automation
Customer portal for long-term parkers to manage themselves
Flexible handling of various user groups (permissions & tariffs)
Convenient use of all parking spaces thanks to license plate recognition
Our digital parking system

Smart solution for all common
use cases in paid parking

Arivo_Parkhausbetreiber_loesung_mockup_v3 Kopie
Warum Arivo?

Your advantages with Arivo


Centralized management

of all parking spaces via a UX-friendly interface


Reduced maintenance costs

due to low-maintenance hardware


Minimized administrative effort

due to automated administrative processes


Smart parking software

user-friendly & easy to use


Automatic customer management

from contract conclusion to payment collection


Integrationen supported

such as the short-term parking apps from EsayPark & Parkster

-60 %
-90 %
Expendable materials
100 %
Digital parking system
110 %
Prepared for the future
96 % Customer satisfaction

What customers say about Arivo

Michael-Bachmann - PBG


Zitat_Icon Every major parking operator has its specialities and peculiarities in how it implements certain things. We are really very satisfied that the Arivo system could be adapted to our specifics and that the implementation simply worked very well.




Michael Bachmann



Arivo Kunde: PBG Parkhausbetriebsgesellschaft mbH Arivo Kunde: PBG Parkhausbetriebsgesellschaft mbH


Referenz Stories_Portrait-Korana-Balenovic_Contipark


Zitat_Icon The barrier-free and cashless parking solution saves us an incredible amount of time and effort in terms of administration and maintenance. The Arivo parking system and software are simply amazing. So convenient, uncomplicated and modern!




Korana Balenovic

Operations Manager South


Arivo Kunde: Contipark

Marko Guljelmovic - PRM


Zitat_Icon The future definitely lies in licence plate recognition and barrier-free parking systems! This is precisely why we sought a strong partner to stand by our side. Arivo's software capabilities, coupled with the versatility in tariff structures and payment choices, made our final decision easy.



Marko Guljelmovic, MSc




Peter Radmüller-1

Peter Radmüller

Head of Sales


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Arivo carpark operator references

Carpark management with Arivo


Ticketless, freeflow system in use at the main railway station in ulm (Germany)
DB Bahnpark

DB-Bahnpark-logo Arivo-Referenz-Contipark-logo

After the successful launch in Berlin, Bonn, and Darmstadt, DB BahnPark turns to Arivo‘s digital parking system once again.

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Parkenplus car parks equipped with the Arivo parking system


The secret of success for Parking Plus: an online parking platform with an integrated cloud solution that covers all requirements ...

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