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Automatic license plate recognition

“Arivo license plate recognition is not only lightning fast, but also intelligent and has an above average detection rate.”
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Comfortably drive in and out with industry-leading license plate recognition!

The automatic number plate recognition is the basis for a 100% digital parking system – easy to install and maintenance-free. Together with our parking software it forms a fully automatic digital parking system.

Arivo license plate recognition – Arivo Smart Parking Management


Our target is to read 100% of the plates correctly. This is the only way the digital products of the future will function reliably.

Arivo license plate recognition accounting – Arivo Smart Parking Management


The Arivo license plate recognition is constantly being further developed and is therefore always state of the art.

Arivo license plate recognition qualitative Hardware – Arivo Smart Parking Management

Qualitative hardware

You get high-quality and durable hardware so that the system always functions reliably.

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License plate cameras are used in our systems

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Detection rate in Live-Test


Reading results per second

Excited customers

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You already have a barrier system in use?

No problem.

The Arivo license plate recognition can be easily integrated into your existing system and you can simply continue to use your barriers or gates. All you need is a camera, a compute unit, a network cable and our software.

The very easy installation and configuration is done remotely by our team.

Comfortable entry and exit without additional trigger

Completely without an additional trigger (detection loop) or a button to press, the Arivo parking system recognizes license plates in milliseconds, the opening of the barriers is initiated and the car can enter the parking lot.

Lightning fast and reliable

It takes 40 milliseconds to read a license plate correctly. During entry to the parking garage, the license plate is read and evaluated between 50 and 200 times. The most probable license plate is calculated from these individual results. Individual misreadings due to reflections, shadows, obscurations or bad angles are therefore irrelevant. Thus we achieve a detection rate of >99% in the live test.

Direction and country identification

The fast reading additionally makes it possible to follow the car in the image and thus recognize the direction of driving.

All European license plates are supported. This makes our LPR ideal for parking areas with heavy international traffic. In the associated parking software, the countries of origin can be displayed and, for example, marketing activities can be better planned.


The license plate recognition is based on the latest technology. By means of computer vision and neural networks the system learns and is constantly improving. Over 500,000 license plates have been trained by the software to recognize license plates better and better.

Flexible installation

Whether on the ceiling, in the garage or free-standing in an outdoor parking lot, the Arivo license plate recognition system can be mounted anywhere without any problems. Even reflections, shadows, obscurations or poor angles are irrelevant for reliable recognition.

Why do I need the Arivo license plate recognition?


Save the cost of receipt printers, paper and maintenance. With Arivo license plate recognition, all of this becomes unnecessary.

Free-Flow solution

Barriers and gates become obsolete and waiting times at barriers are eliminated. LPR automatically registers users entering and leaving the parking area.


Your customers deposit their license plate number when they purchase a parking product from your parking facility. ALPR registers the time of entry and exit and forwards the data to our e-commerce software. This automatically creates an invoice and sends it to the user.


The fast and reliable license plate recognition offers your employees and up to your suppliers a comfortable entrance. Impress your customers with our innovative solution.

garage operators

garage operators

Relieve your parkers. Spare them the tiresome trip to the ticket machine and the annoying ticket search. Among other things, you will receive statistics on utilisation and sales and can use these to further optimise your parking space.


Hotel guests are provided with a comfortable reception and your reception receives a notification when the guest arrives. Since all European license plates are recognized, our license plate recognition is ideally suited for you as a hotel operator.

The most important at a glance

license plate recognition




Arivo license plate recognition

High-quality cameras from the Avigilon company are used for our LPR. Due to their very good behavior in low light conditions (darkness, strong incidence of light, etc.) and their high reliability, they are perfect for our requirements. Due to their robustness, the cameras are also very well suited for outdoor installation. In addition, the manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty on each camera!

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