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Automatic license plate recognition

Arivo license plate recognition is not only faster, but it is also more intelligent than other systems and has an above-average detection rate.
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Reliable, fast, self-learning and safe

License plate recognition

License plate recognition
Extremely fast: over 25 times per second

Detection rate > 99% in live test

Self-learning through the latest technology and deep learning algorithms 

All European country codes are recognized

Easy installation and wiring

Was kann ein automatisches

The automatic license plate recognition builds the basis for a 100% digital parking system – easy to install and maintenance-free. In combination with our parking software, it is a fully automatic digital parking system.

Without an additional trigger (detection loop) or a button to press, the Arivo parking system recognizes license plates in milliseconds, the barrier is opened, and the car can enter and exit the parking lot easily. All you need is one camera and the Arivo Smart Parking software.

License plate recognition is based on the latest technology. Using computer vision and neural networks, the system learns and constantly improves. Over 500,000 license plates have trained the software to recognize license plates better and better. All EU license plates are easily recognizable.

The detection is not only extremely fast, but also reliable. Thus, license plates are read in only 40ms seconds. This enables the software to recognize up to 25 license plates per second. This high reading rate eliminates triggers for malfunctions such as a poor angle of incidence during detection, dirty or bent number plates, shadows or reflections. This makes Arivo license plate recognition faster and more robust.

The greatest possible flexibility is also possible when mounting the camera. The high-quality camera used (with IK10 standard) is small, inconspicuous and requires only one cable for data and power transmission due to POE. The intelligent Arivo software can easily recognize license plates from a very large angle. This makes the camera ideal for ceiling mounting and therefore not only more unobtrusive but also protected against vandalism.

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