3 years Arivo

Parking as simple as online banking

Arivo is turning 3 on February 14. 100 installed projects and 15,000 parking spaces managed by the parking system are a nice track record for the young company

3 years ago Arivo set itself the goal of making parking digital, smart and simple. What started as a simple but industry best license plate recognition system has evolved into a full-fledged digital parking management system that can handle even complex processes and scenarios.

Parking as simple as online banking

Can you imagine living without online banking? The parking industry is facing exactly this change. Users will manage themselves online, park when and where they want, simply without a parking ticket, without ticket machines, and will not even have to open the car window to enter the garage. The number plate is recognized, the barrier opens and the invoice is sent by e-mail at the end of the month.

100% digital, paperless and therefore even environmental friendly

Numerous customers in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Italy already rely on this modern solution for parking space management that is fit for the future. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, a car park user can buy parking contracts. Address, payment data and vehicle registration number are entered online. 1 second later the user can already drive into the car park. No manual transfer of data, no paper, and no sending of parking cards is necessary. This saves time and resources for every car park operator and makes the parking process more comfortable than ever for the user.

“”In the last 3 years our parking software has been constantly improved. The Arivo solution is easy to integrate into any existing parking system, reliable and maintenance free. The statement we love to hear most from our customers is “Unbelievable how easy it is”, says co- founder Dominik Wieser proudly. “Yes, parking management can also be simple and modern. We would be happy to show the full range of functions of our smart parking solution live in an online demo. Simply book a session at www.arivo.co/demo.”

Arivo’s customer projects include real estate companies such as GWS (Green City) or Wohngut, the Graz Airport, the Lufthansa Aviation Training Center in Zurich, shopping centers such as Q19 in Vienna, car park operators such as Parken Plus, Best in Parking and APCOA and many more.

The offer ranges from simple parking management with automatic license plate recognition to a full-fledged e-commerce solution.


Ask for a Live Demo

Together we will take a look at your individual challenge and discuss how you can also benefit from Arivo solutions.

Benefit from more profit easier management a maintenance-free system more comfort low investment costs

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