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Health Monitor

Respond to incidents faster by activating the intelligent, automatic notification system.
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No more technical defects thanks to intelligent analysis!



Through constant monitoring of not only software, but hardware as well, any occurences can be dealt with immediately.




You will receive an error message as soon as an unstable, but not necessarily faulty, component of the system is discovered.
This makes expensive system failures avoidable.



By digitialising your company, you offer your customers even more convenience while making your own work easier at the same time.

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can be saved by avoiding not more than one 2-hour downtime

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of the incidents are reliably recognized by the system


minute is all it takes for the error to be recognized

Satisfied customers

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Our software solution in action

Convince yourself how user-friendly and useful the Health Monitor is. 100% protection against technical failure and in addition clear and easy to use.

Ongoing monitoring

In the clear web interface, all hardware components and software services are listed for each park, and marked accordingly with red (offline), green (online) or yellow (error).

You also have the option to filter by components, services, and incidents.

Automatic email notifications

Notification emails are sent as soon as an error or an unstable element of the system has been detected and as soon as a problem could be fixed by the system itself.
The whole system is constantly analyzed, which on the one hand allows you to react quickly to incidents, and on the other hand to take preventive action and replace unstable components in advance.


What, when and how - incidents and timeline

As soon as an incident occurs, an Incident tab is listed on the device settings page. This gives you an overview at all times and lets you know exactly what has happened, what the impact on the system is, and how this was checked.
For as long as a week, a device was online or offline.

Fix the problem yourself

Along with the incident description, you will also receive clear and concrete instructions for action.
This will allow you to fix almost any problem not solved by the system itself in just a few minutes.


Reasons to use the Health Monitor

24/7 overview of the system

List view of all hardware components and software services with correspondingly marked status (online, offline or unknown) and wide range of filtering options gives one the complete overview of the system. Relentless and error-free, 24/7!

Protection against loss of sales

Whether it is an unstable component or a faulty component that is detected, the operator is notified within minutes.
Preventive action and replacement of unstable components or rapid response in problem cases are, in times when every second counts as a loss of revenue, of great importance.

User friendly troubleshooting methods

In cases where a problem cannot be solved by the system itself, the user receives a clear description of the incident and concrete instructions for action.
All use cases can be completed in just a few minutes and will make your garage even more profitable!

The most important at a glance

Health monitor

  • Clear web interface
  • List view of all software and hardware components
  • Automatic and customizable notification system


  • Ongoing, intelligent analysis of all incidents
  • Avoid revenue losses through preventive action
  • Precise timeline, description and concrete instructions for every occurance



Arivo Health Monitor

Regardless of whether the ALPR system has read a license plate incorrectly or if there are any connection issues, the Health Monitor has the answer. Since all incidents are analyzed intelligently, the administrator receives a detailed email anytime an instable or a faulty component is discovered. With the Health Monitor, lost sales due to technical defects are a thing of the past!

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