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More effective license plate recognition for LKH Graz - because every second counts!

A lack of updates, upgrades and poor availability of spare parts caused the previous parking system at the LKH Graz to come to a halt. The new digital parking system offers faster and more effective license plate recognition and is in perfect sync with the billing tool for parking fees.

The contract for a new digital parking system went to Arivo. The proven Arivo Parking solution at the regional hospital in Knittelfeld convinced the decision-makers at the LKH (state hospital) Graz to give Arivo a chance. 23 cameras are now in use for license plate recognition at the LKH Graz. These register over 31,000 trips per week made by ambulance cars, patients and visitors. All recorded data is processed in accordance with the provisions of the DSG-VO.

Emergency vehicles such as the police, fire brigade and ambulance are automatically identified as such by license plate recognition and the barrier is opened in a flash. Always, but especially in emergencies, you have to be able to rely on full functionality. To ensure this, the number plate recognition by Arivo was subjected to countless tests under the most difficult conditions, all of which the system passed with flying colors. The results of the test were later on confirmed in live operation.

Instead of going 100% digital, as is usually the case with Arivo, the regular parking tickets for short-term parkers were kept. This was deliberately done in order to avoid subjecting the users to a new system in cases of emergency.  However, the barrier opens automatically for all those who pay the parking fee in advance at the pay machine.

The parking process is also very convenient for the hospital staff thanks to Arivo’s license plate recognition. The barrier opens automatically and the parking fee is automatically deducted from the pay slip.

So that the parking system stays reliable in the long term, all of Arivo customers are provided with ongoing updates. The latest update of the license plate recognition shows a significantly improved recognition rate at poor angles and dirty license plates, i.e. in snow conditions.

“Whether against back light or when the road surface is wet, the license plate recognition is always extremely good. The recognition quality is really unique. "

Christian Sixt
Technology division manager LKH Graz

The following components were used for LKH Graz:

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