The Brick

Multifunctional parking solution for a multifunctional building complex

The Brick, a modern building complex that houses the new Wienerberger headquarters, a “7 Days Premium” hotel and sleek design offices, impresses above all with its sustainability and technical innovation. One of these innovations is the Smart Parking solution from Arivo.

The user groups couldn’t be any more different than they already are: on one hand Wienerberger, a world renowned brick manufacturer, on the other hand a modern premium hotel. But thanks to the flexibility of the Arivo parking solution, all wishes and requirements of both these user groups were perfectly implemented.

Wienerberger employees can comfortably drive in and out of the underground car park thanks to the best-in-class license plate recognition from Arivo. Suppliers, guests and visitors can be issued discount cards to reduce their parking fees, even up to a 100% of the fee. Thanks to the simple and intuitive user interface of the Arivo software, Wienerberger was able to take on the task of managing their 180 parking spots on their own. In order to simplify the administration and avoid incorrectly entered or assigned license plates, the employees can also manage their data themselves.

The remaining 120 parking spots are made available to the hotel and to external short-term parkers. Hotel guests enter their license plate number when reserving a room and can also enjoy the convenience of license plate recognition for the duration of their stay. In addition, the reception receives a notification when the guests arrive and can receive them in the best way possible.

Short-term parkers are spared the hassle that comes with dealing with parking tickets. The 100% digital parking system calculates the parking time and the invoice amount using time stamps when entering and exiting. Payments can be made directly at the parking column when leaving the garage by using either a debit card or a credit card. The bill can be paid at a later time using the Arivo PayApp, in case the customer doesn’t have a card at hand.

For The Brick the following components were used:

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