Dornbirn city garage equipped with Arivo`s license plate recognition

Parking garage in Dornbirn, equipped with Arivo`s technology

The city garage in Dornbirn (Austria), located near the city center, has upgraded its underground parking garage with modern license plate recognition and smart parking management software from Arivo. This not only ensures a more convenient parking experience but also reduces administrative efforts of the parking garage.

Connected with the parking garage of the cultural center, the Dornbirn’s city garage provides 433 parking lots for locals as well as (day) guests. Situated right beneath the bustling pedestrian zone, the garage is perfect for short-term parking needs in the city center. Even long-term parkers, such as employees of nearby companies, like to park in the underground garage.

Enhanced parking convenience with Arivo

To enhance parking convenience in the garage and boost acceptance of paid parking in the city center, the existing system was upgraded with license plate recognition provided by Arivo. The decision to choose Arivo was influenced by its impressive detection rate, the option to integrate mobile parking (via Easypark), and the QR code scan for long-term parkers, serving as a backup in case a license plate is not successfully read.

Hassle-free parking and administration

Thanks to Arivo, seamless entry is now possible without the hassle of stops or ticket retrieval. Short-term parking fees can be conveniently paid either at the garage‘s on-site pay station or online. Long-term parkers receive a monthly invoice automatically, settled directly through direct debit. Positive feedback from parkers highlights their appreciation for the added convenience. Simultaneously, the Stadtgarage administration values a decreased workload, as Arivo`s software fully automates customer accounting and billing for contract customers.

The upcoming parking garages set to integrate Arivo didn‘t take long. Next in line are the underground garage on Marktstraße and the Bödele parking area near Dornbirn‘s cableway.


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Herbert Kaufmann
Managing director
Kulturhaus Dornbirn
Zitat_Icon The consistent accuracy in reading license plates continues to impress us repeatedly! The positive results from the preliminary license plate recognition test have been validated in our day-to-day operations. Various approach angles, bends or slopes on the driveway, and snow accumulation on license plates pose no issues whatsoever. Arivo‘s technical expertise is also evident in the smooth cooperation and project implementation.“



The project at a glance



Convenient entry & exit via license plate recognition

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Parking system

With barriers; Arivo`s license plate recognition & Parking Software

Project scope

Underground garage with 433 parking lots