DB BahnPark chooses Arivo for seamless parking experience at Ulm central station

Parking is now barrierfree, ticket- & cashless at Ulm Hauptbahnhof

After the successful launch in Berlin, Bonn, and Darmstadt, DB BahnPark turns to Arivo‘s digital parking system once again. In collaboration with the Contipark Group, a state-of-the-art freeflow and cashless parking solution was introduced at Ulm‘s main railway station in Baden-Württemberg (Germany), resulting in significant time and cost savings in administration and maintenance since its implementation.

The parking facility at Ulm‘s main station serves a diverse range of users, including train passengers, long-term parkers like commuters and employees from nearby establishments such as the police station and DB offices. Short-term and daily parkers heading to the Ulm city center often choose to park there as well.

Barrierless, ticketless & cashless

Arivo‘s seamless parking solution efficiently oversees the 177 parking spaces, featuring advanced information displays at the entrance and exit. The entire system operates cashlessly.

Parking fees can be paid online via Arivo.Pay, by card at the cashless terminals or the exit columns, or by using the Contipark membership card, known as the PCard. Train ticket holders are entitled to reduced parking rates. Additionally, long-term parkers are billed a flat fee via direct debit at the end of the month.

Easy parking facility operation 

Arivo‘s modern parking system simplifies the parking facility operation, saving valuable time. The barrier-free, ticketless, and cashless equipment requires minimal maintenance since it lacks any moving parts. Issues like barrier malfunctions, coin or ticket jams, or reading errors are now a thing of the past. With full integration of the Contipark customer management, parking contracts and license plate information seamlessly transfer to the Arivo system, ensuring smooth entry and exit for contract customers.
Arivo‘s parking solution facilitates the digital, efficient, and seamless operation of the parking area at Ulm station. Further projects with Contipark and DB BahnPark are already in progress.



Referenz Stories_Portrait-Korana-Balenovic_Contipark
Korana Balenovic
Operations Manager South
Contipark Parkgaragenges.m.b.H
Zitat_Icon I‘m thrilled that Ulm is among the pioneering locations nationwide of the collaboration between DB BahnPark and Contipark to have the barrier-free and cashless parking system as part. It significantly reduces the administrative and maintenance workload. The parking system and Arivo‘s software are truly fantastic. They‘re incredibly convenient, hassle-free, and cutting-edge!“



The project at a glance



Modernisation of parking facility & reduction of administrative burden

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Parking solution

Freeflow parking (cashless) & Arivo Parking OS

Project scope

Outdoor car park with 
177 parking lots