How the Arivo and PRM partnership will manage the parking spaces of the future

ParkRaum-Management GmbH (PRM), active in the parking industry for more than 25 years and operator of over 185 parking spaces, was looking for a partner for a digital and barrier-free parking system.

PRM owns its own parking facilities and supports owners in the installation of new parking systems and subsequent parking organization. The company specializes in particular in parking areas with very complex requirements. As the parking systems formerly used by PRM were slowly reaching their limits, a new partner was sought who could provide the necessary technology to optimally handle the challenging assignments.

This partner was finally found in Arivo. PRM now has access to a barrier-free full service package. The package includes best-in-class license plate recognition for convenient entry and exit, the e-commerce platform for charging registered users for parking fees, and the PayApp for payment via smartphone. The parking solution can always be customized to meet the exact needs of each customer. Even the most complex requirements of PRM’s customers are now no longer a problem.

As the first project of the new partnership, Klinikum Hof was equipped with the new barrier-free parking system. The complete design and installation was carried out by PRM. On the one hand, due to PRM’s high level of expertise built up over many years and, on the other hand, due to the intuitive Arivo system, the commissioning went smoothly despite the difficulty of the project, namely the management of two separate parking areas with different tariff models.

The elimination of barriers means that vehicles are no longer bound to predefined routes. Despite the very different approach angles, Arivo’s license plate recognition system still manages to read more than 95% of the license plates correctly – even those that accidentally leave the system when entering the lane.

Organization, customer service as well as the entire enforcement process should a customer not pay the parking fee is handled by PRM. With 25 years of experience built up in the parking industry, the hospital as well as all other PRM customers can rest easy. And Arivo is also looking forward to being able to draw on the expertise of its new partner for its own customers in the future.

"The future definitely lies in license plate recognition and barrier-free parking systems. We were looking for a strong partner who could support us here. The functions offered by Arvio's software, as well as the flexibility in tariffs and payment options, convinced us."

Marko Guljelmovic, MSc

Following the Klinikum Hof, the full service package is currently being rolled out at Stemmerhof and other PRM locations. The result of the perfect interaction between Arivo’s smart technology and PRM’s expertise in installing and organizing complex parking areas is expected to attract numerous new customers in Austria and Germany.

The following components were used for Klinikum Hof:

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