Barrier-free parking management for all ÖBB Park & Ride facilities

Arivo`s Freeflow solution in use at the Park & ​​Ride facility in St. Valentin

The Park & Ride facilities of the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) are now exclusively free for public transport ticket holders. Those not using the train can park at the short-term rate. ÖBB chose Arivo‘s digital Freeflow solution to enforce this policy.


For ÖBB‘s Park & Ride facilities, they were in need of a digital, user-friendly parking solution that would ensure free parking for only valid train ticket holders. This led ÖBB to opt for Arivo‘s Freeflow solution, which not only comes with cost-effective implementation but also straightforward operation.

Automatic license plate recognition

As visitors enter, the Arivo licence plate recognition system captures and stores their license plate number. When exiting, customers simply present their rail ticket (or public transport ticket) to the Arivo parking column. The system automatically links the license plate number with the ticket. A green light at the exit traffic light signifies „free passage,“ allowing rail passengers to exit without charge. Notably convenient: holders of permanent tickets only need to scan their ticket the first time they use it.

15 minutes free parking

To ensure that dropping off friends and family at the station remains free of charge, the initial 15 minutes are exempt from charges. If you stay parked longer, a short-term parking rate applies. Those without a valid train ticket or those who don‘t pay their parking fees will be identified through a holder data query and issued a penalty.

Arivo‘s Freeflow system has been in full operation since April 2021. ÖBB‘s assessment indicates that the majority of parkers have quickly adapted to the new parking system after the initial implementation. 

As of the end of 2022, a total of 25 Park & Ride facilities across Austria, along with ÖBB‘s headquarters in Vienna, have been equipped with the Arivo parking system, with even more installations planned.



Schweiger Bernd_rund
Bernd Schweiger
Project manager at ÖBB
Zitat_Icon I think we have managed the balancing act between a very young and dynamic company and a very large and state-owned company really well. The good organization, the ability to recognize if something is still needed and if there are still gaps as well as to react accordingly very quickly, that was an excellent performance by Arivo. I liked that very much.“



The project at a glance



Free parking with train ticket & chargeable for non-train passengers

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Parking solution

Freeflow parking system & Arivo Parking OS

Project scope

25 Park & Ride facilities with 14,000 parking spaces; outdoor parking spaces & parking garages