Garden City Tulln: Enhanced Efficiency through Digital Parking Solution

The Garden City Tulln uses Arivo`s parking software

The Garden City Tulln says goodbye to time-consuming administration and complicated billing of parking space users. Long-term parkers are now freed from the troublesome handling of parking tickets and machines. The modern parking solution from Arivo convinces through complete automation.


The Garden City Tulln has always been a pioneer of modern approaches to parking space management. Already more than 10 years ago, the possibility of mobile phone parking existed in Tulln.

Maximum parking comfort

Nevertheless, parking management still involved a lot of effort for the city administration. Arivo puts an end to this and integrates automatic licence plate recognition into the existing parking system in the two municipal car parks. 

Long-term parkers who are registered now experience enhanced convenience with smooth entry and exit, sparing them the hassle of dealing with parking tickets, machines, and complex payment methods.

Simple self-management and free hour

Arivo‘s parking software effortlessly accommodates the system‘s various requirements, such as different tariffs and individual cost summaries, as well as enabling users to manage their accounts independently or take advantage of the free hour. The new system handles over 300 customers with ease.

Thanks to Arivo, the era of expensive administration and outdated payment systems has come to an end, ushering in a new era of parking convenience and satisfaction in Tulln. 



Thomas Rudolf - Tulln_Donau
Ing. Thomas Rudolf
Rounds and Traffic city council of Tulln
Zitat_Icon The city council is extremely satisfied with the new solution. In the beginning we didn‘t realise what Arivo‘s unique solution can do and how flexible it is to adapt to our needs. The fact that the Arivo system is extremely versatile and not bulky was a huge plus. The fully-fledged software solution is modern as well as innovative and the support team convinces with short reaction times.“



The project at a glance



Digital management of the city´s parking garages

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Parking solution

With access barriers & Arivo Parking OS incl. customer management

Project scope

2 parking garages with a total of 430 parking spaces