Web based digital parking system

Parking management 100% digital

Arivo offers everything from a simple parking solution with the industry’s best license plate recognition rate to a complete intelligent rental platform – all from a single source.
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Scalable system - simple & maintenance-free

Our automated parking management system is not only modern and fit for the future, but also profitable even for small garages and parking areas. The fully-fledged digital car park management solution is scalable and suitable for complex requirements.

Simple basic elements are the basis for our technologically leading solution, which can be assembled as required. Installation is simple and the system is maintenance-free.

Our digital parking solution
for all requirements

The advantages are obvious

No matter if you are a housing company, garage operator or company, the digital parking system offers an optimal solution for your requirement with clear cost benefits.

User advantages

For the car park user, our car park management solution offers a comfortable entry and exit by a reliable and fast license plate recognition.

  • No parking tickets needed
  • No search for the car park ticket machine 
  • Convenient payment without cash
  • Access possible with any chip card

Operator Advantages

We offer garage operators a modern, maintenance-free system that is fit for the future.

  • Low installation costs
  • Reduction of administrative costs
  • Control over actual use and capacity
  • Maximize utilization, revenue, and profit

Any questions? – Find all answers in the FAQ!

You will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our product. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, contact us via the chat on the right bottom.

Yes, as there is an interface in our software, that can be easily implemented in your system. In addition, you can continue to use existing barriers and gates.

The implementation is possible within a few weeks.

It is necessary to obtain declarations of consent according to the Data Protection Act, you can do this electronically with our software. Here, employees or persons with whom you have concluded a contract agree to the processing of the data. The data protection and terms of use can be individually adapted to each company or location.

In the case of a garage operator who allows unregistered users to drive into his car park, there is a code of conduct which has been submitted to the data protection authority. Here, the operator of the car park must draw the customer’s attention to the fact that video cameras have been installed for license plate recognition before entering the car park. In the car parks and parking garages with such an installation, the user is made aware of this by a pictogram with a video symbol. This allows the user to turn around in advance and not a drive-in.

As far as saving and processing images are concerned, our system currently does not save any images. In the case of data storage: These must be deleted at the latest 24h after exit, if these data are not needed for account purposes or an irregular behaviour is present.

In the simplest case, you need a CAT cable to each camera, a socket and potential-free contacts to open the barrier.

A cash register-compliant voucher can be downloaded from https://beleg.arivo.co

All EU license plates, including Switzerland, are readable for the Arivo Smart Parking software.

When you enter the system, you will see this in the video tutorial “What are the tasks of a site administrator?”

All devices with a browser function (smartphone, tablet, computer, laptop, etc.) are compatible with our application. You can access the Arivo application at: www.arivo.app

As a rule, you do not need one, as our system is offline capable. However, you must activate the connection if changes are made to the system (e.g. changing license plates).

As our system is equipped with intelligent software, this is condition-dependent. As a rule, we achieve a detection rate of over 99 % in all cases.

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