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We are pushing the boundaries of innovation! With intelligent software, you barely even need any hardware!
Get a head start on the parking technology of tomorrow

No barriers, tickets or cash!

A parking system with no barriers sounds like science fiction to you? In that case, welcome to the future!
Our new system, Arivo Free Flow, comes with absolutely no barriers. The force behind it is the combination of automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) and our smart software.

Arivo Free Flow Lösung, Verkehr | Arivo Smart Parking

Traffic flow

Paring off a gateless garage with an online payment system eliminates any chance of traffic jams forming at the exit lane or waiting times at the payment terminal.

Arivo Free Flow Lösung, Kosteneffizient | Arivo Smart Parking


With so little hardware, it is impossible to have the setup- and maintenance costs any hgher than a fraction of the orignal price! You can also forget about all kinds of emergency services and call center support costs from now on!

Arivo license plate recognition qualitative Hardware - Arivo Smart Parking Management

Smart software and high quality hardware

The software is the core of this entire system. Continuous software updates will ensure longevity and reliableness of your system.


ALPR cameras are used in our systems

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of the costs will be cut


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Get to know Free flow!

What is Free flow?

In short, Free flow is a parking system whose main feature is the lack of barriers. This is made possible by using the license plate recogntion and powerful processing software.
Barriers become superfluous, which directly eliminates the usual waiting times. Users driving in or out of the parking lot are automatically registered by the LPR.

In addition to low operating and installation costs, you can also save on maintenance, support and emergency service costs. At the same time, customers get an improved customer experience, without traffic jams or endless search for cash.

How does it work?

Entrance and exit lanes of the parking facility are equipped with cameras for Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

As soon as a vehicle approaches the parking lot, the cameras react by registering the license plate and saving it in the system with a timestamp. The customer can choose to pay the requested amount right at the exit or online, up to a few days later.

Unpaying customers will be found via a lien holder search and given a replacement fee. So you still have full control over your parking spaces and can even increase our income through replacement fees!

Payment options

Paying via smartphone

In just a few clicks, with no apps or registrations, the online payment method is the first option and the hghlight of the system.

Paying on the terminal

Paying on the terminal

Additionally, you can also have the payment terminal installed, thus giving your customers the classical payment option.

Replacement fees for non-payers

Non-payers will have a replacement fee automatically sent to them.

Comfortable online payments

1) Scan the QR-Code or visit the website
2) Type in your license plate number
3) Pay with a click and done!

Smartphone payments are rapidly gathering traction among today’s population. Our system supports any debit- or credit cards, eps-transfer, GiroPay and especally convenient 1-click pay functions offered by Apple and Google Pay.

Thanks to online payments, your customers will no longer have to walk to the payment terminal. The days of worrying about having enough cash will also be gone. The only thing needed to pay is a device with an access to the internet, no special apps or accounts on various sites required. Optonally, a payment terminal can be installed in addition to the online payment system, thus giving your customers the option of paying by card on site.

Secure your revenue

You can keep calm knowing that your revenue will never be lost.  Missed payments will warrant a holder data request and a replacement fee. This will give you the full parking amount plus an additional fee!

Lists with current, finished, paid and unpaid sessions can be called up at any time over the web interface.

Perfect addition

To achieve even more flexibility, rely on the combination of the Freeflow solution and our unique e-commerce platform. This means that your customers can buy new parking contracts 24/7 and you’ll have an overview of all contracts, invoices, transactions, etc. at all times.

Not only long-term parkers benefit from it. This solution is particularly convenient for short-term parkers with monthly billing. They can then park in your garage at all times and receive a joint invoice for all parking processes at the end of the month.

The basic elements can be put together as desired and, for example, a lump sum for night parking can be combined with a flexible short-term parking contract for day parking.

Have we piqued your interest? Click here to find out more about the e-commerce solution.

Is Free flow the right solution for you?

Even though very practical, Free flow does not follow the one-size-fits-all approach. Take some time to answer the following questions and check whether this concept would work for you.

Certain groups or public accessibility?

Is your parking area intended for certain user groups or are you planning on making it accessible to everyone? Bear in mind that keeping certain parking spots reserved for certain user groups, such as residents with long-term parking contracts, could get difficult without barriers.

Is keeping the parking lot free your primary goal?

Free flow parking areas are useful when your primary goal is to keep the parking lot free. A free flow solution is ideal, for example, for supermarkets and shopping center parking areas or anywhere where not a lot of structural effort should be put in, such as for temporary parking spaces.

What is the location of your parking lot?

If your parking lot is to be set up in urban areas like the city center, there will likely be a lot of traffic there.

In this case, solutions like our car park operator solution could be a better fit for your garage.

Supermarket parking areas

Supermarket parking spaces

Free Flow is the perfect solution to avoid long-term parking at supermarket parking lots. The parking spaces can be rented to residents at night in order to make the parking area even more profitable.

Construction site parking areas

Construction site parking areas are often temporary and stay only for as long as the construction work is going on. By using the cost effective Free flow solution, setting up and taking down such parkplaces is as easy as 1-2-3.

K&D parking areas

In the case of park and ride parking lots offered by railroad companies, for example, long-term parkers can be avoided.

Arivo Freeflow

Do you believe that software is becoming more important than hardware these days? Would you describe yourself as a technology buff? Are you keen on followng the latest trends?
The new industry trend steps away from complex parking management systems and moves towards the less hardware/smarter software option. That goes as far as completely getting rid of the barriers. You can finally break free of the barriers and forget about the setup- and maintenance costs.
If flexiblity of the system is what’s important to you, then make sure to put Arivo’s Free Flow solution on your list!

Download the data sheet here:

The most important at a glance

  • Comfortable entry and exit by using license plate recognition
  • Detection rate > 99% in live test
  • Extremely fast: 25 readings per second
  • All European license plates are recognized
  • Easy installation and cabling
  • Detecting the driving direction


  • No tickets, no barrers and no traffic jams during rush hours
  • No call center support or a 24/7 on-site emergency service required, as nobody can be locked in or out of the garage
  • Hardware independent payment. Everything is "browser based". No login, registration or apps whatsoever are required for the service
  • A penalty fee is given out to non-payers

You would still rather go for a gated solution?

With or without barriers, our solutions are flexible and scalable for every garage. If your garage would be better off equipped with barriers, then the ticketless short-term parking system would be the best way to make your work easier while offering your customers comfort when parking and doing something good for the environment at the same time.

Would you like to know more?

Contact us and we will be happy to show you how simple, smart and efficient digital parking management can be.

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