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Ticketless short-term parking system

“A NFC-compatible card is everything you need for a quick and comfortable entry into the garage.”
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Parking - so convenient like never before!

Arivo license plate recognition – Arivo Smart Parking Management

Convenient entry and exit

Entry and exit is by means of automatic license plate recognition. With the 100% digital Arivo short-term parking system, every chip card becomes an access card.


Digital receipt

No obligatory printing of receipts, the majority of which end up in the trash anyway. Anyone who needs the receipt has the option of retrieving and printing it online from anywhere at any time. This saves a lot of paper and thus helps the environment.


Digital and maintenance free

The modern system is ticketless, cashless, and in keeping with the spirit of a 100% digital solution, it requires no moving parts or consumables. This makes it completely maintenance-free.

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paper per year is saved by
Digitization saves

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of emptying and filling costs are eliminated 


a Arivo transaction is processed every second

Satisfied customers

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Parking - as simple as never before!

Your customers no longer need to pre-register or register to use the parking garage.
All that is needed is a credit or debit card. Following you can see the entire process illustrated:

Convenient entry
For unregistered customers, the following message will appear upon entry:
"Paid parking! To drive in NFC-enabled ATM or credit card present."
. The customer now holds his card in front of the reader to open the barrier and drive in. The license plate number is recorded and stored with a time stamp.
Convenient entry
Door reader
The Arivo door reader can be installed optionally if there is an access door to the parking garage and this should be locked for non-customers.
Your garage and the vehicles of your customers are thus optimally protected against vandalism.
Your parking customers can open the door by presenting the NFC card used for entry to the door reader. In exceptional cases, the door can also be opened via the emergency call button.
Door reader
Vouchers and compensations
As an option, companies or businesses can give free parking time to their customers by means of reward cards.
To redeem the credit, the reward card in the form of a QR code is held in front of the reader when exiting. The amount payable is then immediately reduced.
Vouchers and compensations
The license plate number is recorded as soon as the customer approaches the exit.
The short term parking system automatically calculates the parking duration/ the invoice amount which is shown on the display at the Arivo Parking column. After successful payment by debit or credit card, the barrier opens and the customer can exit.
We deliberately dispense with receipt printers. On the one hand, this helps the environment and on the other hand, you save costs for paper, refills and maintenance.
The signed receipt can be retrieved online at any time up to 45 days after the exit.
To do this, all you have to do is go to the website or scan the QR code at the exit and enter the garage, date, license plate number, and the last 4 digits of the card number.

Why do I need the Arivo short term parking system?

Completely digital parking system

With cashless payment, license plate entry/exit and digitally signed receipt, Arivo’s system is 100% digital.

With constant development in mind, you can be sure that your system is 100% future-proof!

win-win situation

Our digital solution benefits you and the environment at the same time.

You save costs for paper, printer ink, refills and maintenance.
The environment is spared further pollution from countless parking receipts that are not needed.

Extremely easy handling

We strive to make our systems as simple as possible. After all, we want people who are not so tech-savvy to be able to use them as well.
And that’s exactly what we think we’ve succeeded in doing.

Drive in -> show your card -> drive in -> park.
Drive in -> pay -> drive out.
It couldn’t be simpler, could it?

The Short Term Parking Pay App

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Asset 11
Scan the QR code.
Enter license plate number
Confirm fee payment
Select payment method

“Automate, digitize and make the parking experience convenient!”- is our motto. To keep the resolution, we have added something new to the range of existing products – the PayApp!

You get rid of terminals and the associated costs and rely on a modern, cost-effective solution.
Using PayApp is intuitive and, most importantly, fast – scan, enter your license plate number, pay!

Any debit or credit card, EPS transfer or Giropay is supported. Of course, also particularly convenient with 1 click function with Google Pay or Apple Wallet.

Let the PayApp convince you:

The short term parking system in practice

See for yourself how easy and fast our short-term parking system is to operate. Everything runs fully automatically, ticketless and cashless, which also makes our digital solution completely future-proof!

Issue vouchers via the software

The operator has the option of granting the customer a credit on exit or even letting him exit for free. The amount of the credit is assigned via the porter interface and then appears on the display of the column. The remaining amount is paid with a credit or debit card and the customer can drive out.

Redeeming compensation cards

Credits can also be issued in the form of a reimbursement card. To redeem the card, simply hold it in front of the QR code reader. The amount is then deducted immediately.

The most important at a glance

Short-term parking system




Arivo short term parking system & pay app

Flexibility is one of the most important things any parking facility needs today, and that’s exactly what Arivo has to offer! Whether it’s for long-term parkers, registered short-term parkers or non-registered short-term parkers, Arivo has a unique solution for everyone.
Quite specifically, our short term parking system provides customers with the flexibility they need when entering or exiting, while being maintenance free and inexpensive to operate for garage owners.

Info of the short term parking system:
Info of the pay app:

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