A digital parking solution for

campsite operators

Arivo Parking is the ideal solution for campsite operators who want to reduce the administrative effort to a minimum and at the same time offer their guests a first-class parking comfort through automatic license plate recognition.
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Parking solution for campsite operators

Take your campsite to the next level! Modern Smart Parking solution with convenient entry thanks to automatic license plate recognition for your guests and less effort for you. Manage your parking spaces from anywhere and at any time with our intuitive, web-based parking software.

Arivo license plate recognition - Arivo Smart Parking Management

License plate recognition

Thanks to automatic license plate recognition, the barrier opens automatically for your guests. No manual opening and no handing-over of access media. Thus, even late arrival times are no longer a problem.

Arivo license plate recognition accounting - Arivo Smart Parking Management

simple management

Completely automated administration, allocation of parking authorizations, occupancy, statistics and much more is possible with our parking software.

Arivo Door Opener, Door Reader, access solution - Arivo smart parking

increased safety

No access for unauthorized persons. Increase the security of your facility and that of your guests with our solutions.

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EU plates + SUI are recognized

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Problem solutions and use cases

Our software and hardware components can be combined with each other as desired.
Thanks to the open Arivo api, integration into existing systems is also possible without any problems.
In the following, we would like to demonstrate some of the versatile application possibilities based on selected use cases.

automatic guest reception 24 hours a day

You would like to offer your guests a reception without time restrictions?
You would like to be notified automatically when a guest arrives?
You want the barrier to open automatically for your guests?

Congratulations, you have found what you were looking for!

you need

classifying the parking area into categories

You want to separate your pitches into different zones (S, M, L, beach place etc.)?
You want to set different fees for each of these zones?
You want to know at any time how many pitches are occupied or free in each zone?

This is possible, of course. The separation as well as the administration of the parking spaces is very easy.

you need

easy access for permanent campers and time restrictions

Do you attach importance to providing your guests with a comfortable entrance and exit?
You want to do without physical access media?
You have nightly rest periods on your campsite, which should be respected?

The Arivo license plate recognition makes it possible. Comfortable entry and exit for your campers, no costs for parking cards for you. In order to keep the nightly silence, the access can be blocked for the night hours.

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you need

detailed statistics on occupancy and guests

You want to see the current and future occupancy at a glance?
Do you want to have cost-effective, yet detailed statistics on your guests?
Are you interested in where your customers come from, so that you can plan marketing activities even better?

No problem! The Arivo Parking Software can do all this – and much more!

you need

automatic billing of daily guests

Do you want to give day guests access to the lake as well?
But you don’t want to collect the fees manually, but rather have everything from access to payment done without your intervention?

You can sit back and relax while our software solutions work for you.

you need

Building a user base

Do you want to keep your customers up-to-date with newsletters?
But you want to do without additional software, and thus also without the necessary, time-consuming data export or import?

With the Arivo e-commerce solution you can communicate directly with your registered short or long-term parkers.

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The most important at a glance

  • Savings in administrative costs
  • Increased security through license plate recognition
  • All European license plates (+SUI) are recognized
  • Easy installation and cabling
  • Easy installation and cabling
  • Comfortable entry, - and exit
  • Invitation SMS including directions
  • Arrival possible 24 hours a day
  • Increased sense of security
  • No searching and losing of physical access media

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