Energie Graz - Geidorf Center: Charge your e-car and park 3 hours for free

Energie Graz uses Arivo`s parking technology

At the Geidorf Center‘s underground parking garage, you can utilize Energie Graz‘s state-of-the-art and efficient charging infrastructure to charge your electric vehicle. With Arivo‘s advanced parking solution, you can easily enter and exit using a charging card.

Utilizing underground garages as public charging stations holds immense potential. When combined with Arivo‘s digital parking system, one can effortlessly enter and exit the underground car park using a charging card.

Any Energie Graz charging card is compatible. Parking is complimentary for up to three hours, during which the car can charge in a secure environment. The fast charging station can reach an 80 % charge in just 30 minutes. If the parking extends beyond three hours, the parking fee is automatically processed through the charging card.

Efficient, cost-saving operation

This entirely digital process operates without the need for a cash or ticket machine, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The system has been seamlessly integrated into Energie Graz‘s nationwide charging network, allowing customers and their associates to conveniently charge their electric vehicles in underground garages. The Arivo solution brings numerous benefits to charging stations in underground garages: enhancing the garages with charging infrastructure and providing electric vehicle users with easy, hassle-free access to charging points.

Furthermore, another project with Energie Graz has been successfully executed to advance electromobility in Graz.



Josef Neuhold - Energie Graz
Josef Neuhold
Group Manager Electromobility Energie Graz
Zitat_Icon Energie Graz is proud to be a pioneer in the field of electromobility. With this pilot project, we have succeeded in creating an Austria-wide, unique solution together with Arivo and the local partners: With the Energie Graz charging card, customers have access to the parking garage and simultaneously to the charging infrastructure, completely without a parking ticket. We are looking forward to many more locations equipped with this customer-oriented offer“.




The project at a glance



Charging card as access medium for entry and exit at the parking garage 

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Parking solution

Barred system & Arivo Parking OS

Project scope

Underground parking garage