GWS: Smart solution for parking system in „Green City“

GWS - Green City in use of technology provided by Arivo

Digitalization and innovation are integral components of GWS‘s corporate strategy. Consequently, it‘s evident that parking management should also embrace digital and modern approaches. Arivo‘s parking system presents a clever solution for 700 lots in parking garages and is implemented across four Green City property management offices.


A unified, intelligent management system proves highly effective in meeting complex requirements. This is exemplified by Arivo‘s digital parking management system in the innovative „Green City“ residential project, a collaboration between GWS and three other partners.

Flexible permissions

Each garage section in the 15 residential towers, totaling 700 parking spaces, was designed by the respective property manager. They have the flexibility to allocate parking authorizations independently. For property managers, this translates to a modern, low-maintenance system, cost-effective installation, reduced administrative overhead, and easy oversight of actual usage and capacities.

Simple management

Entry and exit are facilitated through automatic license plate recognition via a shared driveway. The self-management platform has been warmly welcomed by the residents, providing a transparent and straightforward way to share parking spaces among family members.

In every aspect, Green City West is a smart and forward-thinking development. Following the initial installation for GWS, six more residential projects have adopted Arivo‘s system by 2022, attesting to the success of the collaboration.



Christian Stepanek - GWS
Ing. Mag. Christian Stepanek M.A.
Head of Property Management at GWS
Zitat_Icon Innovation holds a paramount position for us. In this project, we meticulously assessed the investment costs, as well as the ongoing management expenses and benefits. The reliability of the system‘s functionality, coupled with its resistance to tampering and vandalism, ultimately won us over.
We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Arivo for upcoming projects.“



The project at a glance



Digital parking to minimise administrative effort

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Parking solution

Barred system & Arivo Parking OS incl. customer management

Project scope

15 residential towers in Green City