Arivo Reference Story: MED CAMPUS Graz

Arivo's parking system at the Med Uni Graz

The MED CAMPUS Graz building project, which received an award from the ‚Bau Kultur Steiermark‘ association, is not only an architectural highlight, but also a pioneer in terms of parking. This is because the Medical University of Graz relies on Arivo‘s digital parking management system.


MED CAMPUS Graz counts on digital parking space management

MED CAMPUS Graz offers about 40,000 square metres of space for around 1,200 students of human and dental medicine, health and nursing science, as well as the university‘s more than 840 employees. 

State-of-the-Art parking solution

The building is an architectural masterpiece - which is why it also needs a state-of-the-art parking solution that can match the structure. For this purpose, a parking management system was looked for that makes it easy to access and manage the parking spaces onsite. The current 113 parking lots are mainly used by employees of Med Uni Graz and for the access to the pathology department and the journal service. 

Automatic licence plate recognition

Arivo‘s automatic licence plate recognition was particularly convincing due to its high reliability. Without an additional trigger such as a detection loop or a button that has to be pressed, the Arivo parking system recognises licence plates in a fraction of a second. This triggers the opening of the barrier at the same time, and the car can enter the parking space and leave just as quickly. All it takes is a camera and Arivo‘s software.   



Bernd Hubich
OE Med Campus: Construction and Management
Zitat_Icon For MED CAMPUS it was important to be able to set flexible authorisations for employees and to always have the capacity under control. Arivo has always distinguished itself in the project partnership through its exceptional flexibility. The parking system has been running smoothly and reliably since its installation. After the last implementation phase of the system, even more users applied for the parking spaces. Additionally, another 140 parking spaces were built. But with the digital parking system, this follow up project was implemented quickly and efficiently.“



The project at a glance



Digital access solution 

Icon - Parkraumbewirtschaftung
Parking solution

Barred version & Arivo Parking OS incl. customer management

Project scope

Underground parking garage with 153 spaces