Swiss company CSS relies on parking system from Arivo Parking Solutions

The Swiss company CSS decided to completely renew and modernize its parking system together with Arivo Parking Solutions. A wide variety of parking solutions from Arivo are now in use at a total of three locations with around 410 parking spaces.

The Swiss CSS Group was founded back in 1899. The company, which specializes in health insurance, now decided it was time for a modernization in the area of parking management. After all, the parking areas were being used quite differently than usual – partly because of the Corona pandemic – as many employees work at least partly in home offices. Therefore, there was now enormous potential for improvement due to the new situation. In addition, of course, visitors and employees also needed to be able to drive in quickly and park comfortably. Therefore, a satisfactory solution had to be found quickly. This was found in the parking systems from Arivo.


Complete software solution
The Arivo Parking Management Platform and the Arivo Access Solution were installed. In addition, the barrier-free access system Arivo Free Flow was installed in the outdoor area at the Rösslimattstraße location. Here, visitors and employees can access completely without physical barriers. In addition, payment can also be made at all locations via the Arivo Parking Terminal.

Central management
All four parking areas are now managed centrally thanks to the Arivo parking systems, and billing is also centralized. Thanks to the integrated invitation function, visitors and customers can be invited easily and quickly. They can then also drive in conveniently thanks to license plate recognition. Of course, employees in particular also benefit from the new parking system and its ease of use. They now only have to deposit a credit card once and can then use the parking areas all the time.

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Solution for parking problems

The flexibility of the individual systems in particular, but also the rapid implementation of the project, convinced those responsible at CSS. The fact that parking spaces are no longer allocated on a fixed basis means that parking spaces can be used more efficiently.

CSS became aware of Arivo via the Internet, and after a thorough evaluation, those responsible soon came to the conclusion that Arivo’s systems were the best solution.

“Arivo Parking Solutions is straightforward system, which has high transparency. Moreover, in case of -problems, Arivo takes care of customers’ concerns quickly.”

– Marc Vonarburg, Head of Management

For Css the following components were used:

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Benefit from more profit easier management a maintenance-free system more comfort low investment costs

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