EFSTA – signed digital receipt

Car parks without parking tickets – 100% digital

A signed digital receipt and the ability to use any smart card for access makes parking easier than ever, sustainable and 100% digital. With efsta, Arivo has found the perfect partner for implementing the digital receipt. The requirements of the cash register obligation are fulfilled and the customer no longer needs a parking ticket.

In the projects for the Landstrasser Passage and Adler and Ameise car parks in Vienna, the previous operation for long-term parkers was expanded to include short-term parking. This resulted in the additional requirement to be able to provide signed receipts for the customer in order to comply with the cash register requirement.

In the spirit of a 100% digital solution, all moving parts and consumables such as receipt printers and ticket machines become unnecessary. With efsta, a Steyr-based specialist for the fiscalisation of cash registers and digital receipts, the perfect partner was found for the project.

Easy entry and exit access with any chip card

The entrance and exit in the parking garage is generally carried out by means of license plate recognition. For access to the garage if it is blocked, the car park user can activate any chip card for the access function when entering the parking column, whether credit card, EC card or the membership card in the fitness center. The detour to the ticket machine and the search for the parking ticket are now a thing of the past.

“Parking would not be a bad experience, without ticket machines, the way to find them, the search for the ticket and being afraid to loose it. We improved that unpleasant experience in our cooperation project together with Arivo. No tickets. No waste. Everything just digital. And it is also safe due to the EFSTA fiscal system which delivers the receipt with end-to-end encryption simple and fast for everyone.“

Jakob Marberger
Product Manager at EFSTA

Both car parks, which are 100% digital, have already started operation successfully and the system is well received by customers. 15 further projects are planned.

for the project with EFSTA the following components were used:

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