Primeo Energie

Sustainable energy provider now also relies on sustainable parking solution

450 parking spaces are available on the Primeo Energie site in Münchenstein for around 430 employees, visitors, tenants, temporary guests and plant yard users. Until now, the use of the parking area, which is partly above ground and partly underground, was free of charge. The result was a fully parked area and an overly pragmatic appearance. A redesign was necessary.

Sustainability is a high priority at Primeo Energie. For this reason, not only was nature to be more strongly integrated into the company area, but also the parking spaces were to be designed more ecologically. In concrete terms, this means that 52 trees have been planted, cars have to pay a parking fee, and bicycles park for free. Since every car parking transaction is associated with costs, the choice of means of transport is to be made more conscious.

For the implementation of paid parking, Arivo’s barrier-free Freeflow solution is used. All the complex technical requirements, such as the mapping of the different stakeholder groups and their peculiarities, as well as the integration of the financial service providers for cashless billing, were mastered by Arivo.
Employees park at a discounted employee rate and can have the parking fee automatically and directly deducted from their wages. Other parking users pay the fee conveniently and contactlessly using their smartphone.

Employees and registered parkers can view all parking transactions and the total parking fees paid in their personal user account. In this way, Primeo Energie hopes to raise awareness among its parking lot users and gently steer them toward the use of environmentally friendly bicycles.

With the new system, Primeo Energie also has the desired control over its company parking lots. All parkers and the means of transport used can now be viewed in the Arivo software’s porter interface. It is also possible to check whether the desired effect of sustainable mobility use is occurring as hoped.

"For me, Arivo's system is a super example of lean and sustainable parking management. It is very user-friendly and every user can see in the user account the parking transactions made as well as the current costs. So for raising awareness and consciousness of personal mobility, this is a practical and consistent solution."

Christina Bronowski
Project management

The following components were used for Primeo Energy:

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