Smart living and smart parking – the housing provider wohngut makes it happen

Owners of an apartment constructed by wohngut enjoy high-quality standards in parking as well as affordable housing.

wohngut real estates’ group realises private residential flats with high modern and smart technology standards at affordable prices. wohngut sells about 500 apartments every year.

Two of their building projects are already equipped with Arivo‘s smart parking management system. Apartment owners can rely on the high quality standard they are used to and enjoy a comfortable way in managing their parking lots and car park access.

The apartment owners can access and exit the parking area via automatic number plate recognition. Through self-management and flexible authorization it is also possible to manage up to 5 vehicles per parking lot. People can invite friends and family to park in the garage without the need for any key or remote control to enter.

“I liked the young and dynamic spirit of the Arivo team right away and the live demo-version of their software left a good impression of what is possible with this digital solution. It is almost a pity that we do not make use the sophisticated invitation tool. The apartment owners are excited about this pragmatic and modern smart technology solution and also the general contractor is fond of the Arivo smart parking system. The planning was easy going and the implementation of the project went also smoothly.“

DI Alexander Spering
Head of Project Development at wohngut

The project “PANORMA 3” near Vienna’s famous Prater with 178 apartments and 82 parking lots had already been handed over to the apartment owners in October 2018. The sold-out project “TRALALAA 10” located at the Biererlgasse in Vienna has 45 apartments and 32 parking lots, which will hand over to the owners in summer 2019. All further wohngut projects will also be equipped with Arivo‘s digital parking system.

for the wohngut projects the following components were used:

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Benefit from more profit easier management a maintenance-free system more comfort low investment costs

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